Myello speaks on why he had pulled down Katombi’s Ataiwe Song


Gospel Artist Justus Myello has revealed why he was forced to pull down the Ataiwe song from YouTube.

Speaking to Rick Be TV, Myello said that he respects Katombi and that nothing personal made him think of deleting his songs from YouTube. He pointed out that he doesn’t have any grudge with him and they are good friends.

“I’m the one who pulled the song from YouTube, you know I’m not mad, I pulled them for a reason since I respect Alex Kasau Katombi and his band. All the artists are our clients in TV and Radio where I work so we can’t fail to involve them, it was nothing personal,” Myello stated.

The gospel artist disclosed that he met with Katombi to put everything in order adding that Katombi had not copyrighted his song but his name (Myello). He also pointed out that his name is licensed and that’s why the song was pulled down then they met to discuss the way forward.

“In music what is copyrighted is the tune, but for this case, he only mentioned my name ‘Myello’ which appears on my national identification card. My name is also licensed that’s why I wanted it to get personal and I felt that he mentioned our names together with Kasolo and other gospel artists. I wanted it to be a lesson to other artists who tarnish other people’s names yet we have an image or name to protect,” Myello said.

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Myello on why he was prompted to delete the song, pointed out that he was angered by Katombi’s fans who mocked him after the song instead of telling him that it was just a song. He added that Katombi’s fans dared him thinking that he (Katombi) was unstoppable provoking him to take action.

“That was just a small matter but his fans who thought that he was unstoppable angered me and that’s why you have seen him tell them to stop attacking me or Kasolo. If you don’t have anything positive to comment on the song which I truly comment is a hit song, just say it is a banger instead of coming to my page or Kasolo’s page to create a conflict between us,” He added.

He further said that there is no bad blood between him and Katombi as they have worked on so many projects together. He also said that he is a big fan of his music and Katombi knows that.

“I don’t have any issue with him, I have worked with him for a long time, especially on road shows and our night events, recently I was with him during Akamba Night in Kitui. We are good friends, I told him I’m his fan and actually he knows that his fans were the problem,” he went on.

He also revealed that there were outside forces from his family and friends to pull down the song from the comments and that’s why he had to pull it. Myello reiterated that the song is good and speaks the truth about the gospel artists, he agreed that in the past there have been issues in the ministry. He called upon the people to pray for those mentioned there instead of ganging against them or criticizing them urging the Kamba Community not to gang against each other. The two met, talked, and agreed to bury the hatchet and the song was later uploaded back on YouTube.

Sexual benefits of ‘Itoo’ that will surprise you


Known in English as Garantula snot apple – ‘Itoo’ is a multi-purpose edible fruit. The fruit was popular among the Kamba community in the old days but many viewed it as just a normal fruit.

Nowadays the fruit is not common but can do well again if the farmers are re-introduced to farming after training.

With its succulent flesh, the fruit can be used to make syrups, and jam among other delicacies.

The remarkable silky oddly shaped fruit is not only nutritious but does have sexual health benefits.


First, it can help reduce blood pressure, help women battling infertility, cleanse the body, and protect from diseases.

For sexual health benefits, the fruit increases libido in both men and women thus serving as an aphrodisiac. Those experiencing low libido due to stress or other health issues should find the fruit.

It also lubricates the vagina, keeping it moist, and depending on your body type you may need to chew on a few to get results.

The fruit is also encouraged due to its ability to get rid of the vaginal odor as it serves as a cleanser.

Inside Governor Wavinya’s first cabinet reshuffle


Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti Wednesday 20th September carried out her first cabinet reshuffle.

6 County Executive Committee Members retained their positions in the cabinet reshuffle. They are Health CEC Dr. Daniel Yumbya, Finance, Economic Planning and Revenue Management CEC Onesmus Kuyu, Agriculture, Food Security, and Cooperative Development CEC Joel Nzomo, Water, Irrigation, Environment and Climate Change CEC Catherine Mutanu, Trade, Industry, Tourism and Innovation CEC Sharon Mutua and Youth, Gender, Sports and Social Welfare CEC John Kilonzo.

Nathaniel Nganga who was the CEC for Road, Transport, and Public Works has been moved to Lands, Urban Development Housing, and Energy.

Philip Kilonzo who was in the Lands Ministry is now the new Education CEC, Joyce Mwikali who was in the Education Ministry has been moved to Devolution while Consolata Mutisya who was in the Devolution Docket has been moved to Roads, Transport and Public Works.

Governor Wavinya said that the changes came as a way of ensuring that there is efficiency in the delivery of service to the locals.

“Today I have reshuffled my cabinet as a move to bring efficiency. This move will ensure what we had promised the residents of Machakos is delivered and the locals shall have development,” said Wavinya.

Some of the Chief Officers were also reshuffled to different Departments.

Katombi’s Ataiwe song reinstated on YouTube, video released


Katombi’s ‘Ataiwe’ song has been reinstated on YouTube, a day after it was removed following copyright claims.

The audio track had been reported by gospel singer Justus Myello due to copyright claims.

However, a day after it was removed, it is now back on YouTube and still number one trending in Kenya.

Katombi reacted after the song was uploaded back saying that he will be releasing the video soon.

Katombi called the Kamba Community to come together and love one another. “Stop, Kamba community let’s love one another, wish good to others. I don’t want anybody to tell Kasolo or Myello to dance to my tune, there is no need to quarrel with each other. Let us love each other and let Jesus be praised. The Audio is okay and the video will be dropping from 1 pm,” the Benga Artist posted on his verified Facebook page.


In a Facebook post that seemed to be responding to Katombi’s Facebook post Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo said that they have agreed to solve their issues.

“We bury hatchets, peace in our Land,” Kasolo posted.

This was a possible indication that the Ataiwe song might have been reinstated due to Kasolo and Myello’s agreement to solve their issues with Katombi. Kasolo had earlier pointed out that the song by the Benga artist was a mockery to the gospel family and claimed that Katombi should apologize for mentioning their names without permission.

The song is still trending with over 374,000 YouTube views in one week.

Wavinya ranked among worst performing Governors


Machakos County Governor Wavinya Ndeti has been ranked among the worst-performing governors in the country.

According to a recent survey by Insight Strategists Solutions Africa (ISSA) conducted to determine governors’ performance in the past year after getting into office, Wavinya ranked position 39 out of 47.

On the other hand, Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe emerged among the best-performing Governors after garnering 59.5%, ranking him position 6 out of 39.


This score featured him in the list of top five male best-performing governors in the country among his counterparts who include Murang’a Governor Irungu Kangata, Abdi Guyo of Isiolo, Patrick Ntutu of Narok, and Anyang Nyong’o of Kisumu who scored 62.8 %, 60.2%, 59.1% and 54.9% respectively.

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior ranked position 1 out of 47 regarding approval rating. Mutula who is serving as the governor for the first time was ranked position 19 out of 47 in terms of development.

The pollster said that the survey was based on the respondents’ perception of the county bosses’ performance divided into two parameters, development and approval rating.

Emali: Locals worried town may flood


The meteorologist team has announced the October rains may be long and heavy and locals of Emali town in Makueni county are worried lot.

Locals and traders from the town told the press that there is a need for the county government through the Department of Solid Waste Management to ensure proper drainage in the town to avoid floods.

Led by their chairman Muli explained their fear of having their properties carried away by flashfloods and called for the drainage system in the market to be unblocked.

“The rains are fast approaching and our drains are blocked thus meaning there is no outlet and if the rain starts before they are unblocked then we are in for a big problem,” said Muli.

“Last season traders counted losses worth over half a million shillings due to floods, the market has grown and if the problem is solved we can avoid much damage before they even bring us the tanks for harvesting rainwater,” he added.

Muli said that the county government also needs to create proper drainage on feeder roads to avert destructive floods.

Muthesya locals issue KPLC with two-day ultimatum


Residents of Kathukini in Muthesya, Masinga sub-county of Machakos county have issued a two-day ultimatum to KPLC to restore power in the area after more than a month in darkness.

The locals told the press that since the power outage they have experienced losses and insecurity has cropped up.

“Due to lack of power most of our businesses that depend on electricity have closed up, shops in this market close early thus giving way to burglars who break into the shops at night without any worry because of the dark,” said a local.

“I am asking someone who operates a salon here and the power has been out for over a month. How will she survive, feed her kids, and even pay school fees,” he added.

They claimed that the company is aware of the issue but has not taken any measures to solve the problem.

The residents threatened to hold demos at KPLC offices in Muranga if the issue is not sorted out.

“Our motorbikes cannot be fixed because fixing them requires electricity. We are forced to go to Ngilelya to acquire some of the services and it is far. The drugs in the hospitals have also gone bad we would love it if we could be getting our power from Machakos rather than Murang’a because the company is no longer picking up our calls,” said another local.

Mbaluka: Kenya Kwanza will rule for 10 years


Health CAS James Mbaluka says the Kenya Kwanza government will rule for ten years.

Speaking at Sultan Hamud, Mukaa sub-county of Makueni county Mbaluka noted that the Kamba community should support the government of the day.

He urged them to desist from “petty politics’ that will amount to nothing in the end.

“I am telling you for sure that the Kenya Kwanza government will rule for ten years, take that to the bank but my question is, is it right for us, our community, and our kids to continue with baseless policies that will not benefit us at all?” Mbaluka posed.

“If we continue politicking we will forever stay far from the government and all this began 15 years ago thus the need to put aside ‘mwana witu’ notion and see how our people will be helped,” he added.

The former Kibwezi West MP aspirant said that the UDA faction from Ukambani will continue to tour the region to ensure the promises made by Ruto to Ukambani are fulfilled.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza who was present in the event noted that Makueni people will no longer complain about wildlife invasion again.

She observed that 50m shillings were given out to fence the Tsavo National Park and ensure the animals don’t wander.