Multibillion properties and businesses owned by Johnson Muthama


Johnson Muthama recently got appointed to Public Service Commission (PSC). The former United Democratic Alliance Chairman is among the influential leaders from Ukambani.

Apart from politics, Muthama owns various businesses ranging from Mining, Agriculture, infrastructure, and Real Estate among others.

According to earlier reports, Muthama is estimated to be worth 50 billion shillings and in 2020 he was quoted saying he was rich than President Wiliam Ruto.

At one time Muthama was named among Kenyan billionaires who had deposited 51.1 billion shillings to HSBC bank in Switzerland. According to Muthama in a past interview, The account was opened to facilitate the remittance of funds into one central account for the sole purpose of purchasing mining equipment and spare parts. Once the mine was set up, the account was consequently closed.

Here are properties and businesses owned by Muthama that will leave your mouth agape.

Rock Land Kenya limited

A mining company founded in 1974 that Muthama bought from an American geologist. The company found in Taita deals in Tanzanite, Spinel, Red Garnet, Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Tsavorite among other minerals used in making jewelry. The company exports Ruby to other countries.

The former Senator also owns another mining company known as Muthama Gemstone limited.

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Fleet of vehicles

Muthama is known for his rich taste in vehicles most of them which he has been seen in, in various functions.

The politician owns several V8 Landcruisers, BMW X-6 2016 worth Ksh. 15 million, Mercedes Benz AMG and Rangerover sport worth 20 million shillings.

Rock stone properties

The company deals with real estate and Muthama is the Director and chair.

Muthama holdings

Unknown to many Muthama owns several multi-million homes across the country. Some are in Tala, Gilgil, Mua and Nyali.

Nina Marie Ltd

The company belonging to the former Machakos Senator deals with clothing and is located in Nairobi.

Day Ezekiel Mutua accused Maima and Katombi of fueling increase in teenage pregnancies

After Covid-19 hit the country in 2022, all the schools were closed to avoid the spread of the disease.

In June 2020, a report was released by Children’s office in Machakos county where according to the data 4,000 girls were impregnated during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Then Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua went on media saying that songs sung by Maima, Vuusya Ungu, and Katombi contributed to teenage pregnancies.

“At the height of our war with these bands in 2018, I attended the inauguration of Governor Alfred Mutua in Machakos and was shocked to find Maima performing the same dirty songs we had banned with mature men and women taking to the floor to enjoy dirty music that objectified women, promoted rape and teenage sex.” Ezekiel Mutua said.

“At another meeting where I was Chief Guest during the launch of Community Policing in Masii, early this year, the same issue of immorality among the young was raised. In fact, there were cases of sodomy. There’s a correlation between dirty content and morality among the youth,” Mutua went on then.

Maima replied to Mutua questioning him why he was against his songs, those of Katombi and Vuusya Ungu yet they were just artists like the others and there was no difference between them.

Later on, the artists reconciled with Ezekiel Mutua who was then referred to as the “moral police”. Mutua has since been moved to the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) as Chief Executive officer.

Mystery behind Komarock shrine explained


When looking for an interesting place to visit Komarick hill in the Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county is among the recommendations you will get.

The hill with an effigy of Maria and Jesus is located along the Nairobi-Kangundo road just a few meters from Koma town.

The Catholic faithful gather here every year for pilgrimage and apart from the scenic satisfaction it offers there is a story behind the hill and how it came to be a shrine.

It is told that in the 1800’s an apparition of a white woman holding a baby was seen by a man who had built a hut on the hill to watch Masaai bandits who often attacked to steal cattle.

Since then the place is believed to harbor mystic powers and a shrine was set up.

In 1971, during the construction of the Nairobi-Kangundo road, the contracted company began blasting hard rock on the hill to acquire ballast.

In a bid to safeguard their shrine, the elders opposed the move but later gave in and chose to replicate the shrine to a Mugumo tree located at the foot of the hill but not without offering to appease the spirits.

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However, the process of breaking the rock became hard and even the machinery began failing.

The rocks in other places were easy to break but the ones on the hill were unbreakable something that shocked the workers.

Evidently, the reason why the rock was not breaking is because of eccentric forces.

That’s not all the man with a but at the top of the hill began hearing a kid crying saying, ‘They are destroying our home, we will soon have to leave’.

The conversation was repeated for several nights making the man even more shocked.

The contractor and his workers gave up breaking the stones and up to today, there are unused holes in the rocks evidence of the failed work and bizarre happening.

Later, the hill was cleansed by a Catholic priest who made a shrine for the Catholic faithful to pray and meditate.

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19-year-old girl commits suicide over her father’s insistence to join University


Residents of Musukini village in Kitui have been left mouths agape after a 19-year-old girl committed suicide at their home.

The body of the girl identified as Hellen Mwendwa was discovered dangling from the roof of her bedroom by her mother at around 6 pm on Wednesday.

The mother who had an ounce of hope that her daughter could still be alive cut the noose but on checking the girl was already dead.

It has emerged that the Girl’s father had insisted she joins University in August this year since she completed Form 4 last year.

The girl left behind a suicide note indicating that her father had failed to listen to her and kept insisting she continues with her education.

“A suicide note recovered at the scene indicated that the deceased was lamenting her father’s actions of not listening to her and being adamant to take her to University having finished her O levels in 2022,” read the letter in part.

Her body was removed from the scene by the police and taken to Mwingi level 4 hospital mortuary pending autopsy.

Investigations into the shocking incident have begun.

Kangundo: Shock as Form One Student found with Bhang in innerwear


Police in Kangundo have issued a warrant of arrest on a Form One student from St. Martins Kitwii Secondary School who was found in possession of bhang.

Confirming the incident, Kangundo sub-county Deputy Police Commander Michael Isinga confirmed that the Form one student was caught during an inspection by teachers.

He noted that the boy had 22 rolls of bhang and a matchbox. Isinga also revealed that the student would be arraigned in court after arrest for being in possession of drugs.

The student had sewn in his inner garments the rolls of bhang and was caught during the inspection as they reported back from midterm. Teachers had to use scissors to cut a part of his innerwear to remove the rolls of bhang as well as the matchbox.

Efforts to speak to the school’s management concerning the case bore no fruit as no one was willing to address the media concerning the matter.

The boy is yet to be arrested.

Malombe: Why we need a National Dialogue


Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has said that there is a need for a dialogue between Azimio leader Raila Odinga and President Ruto.

Speaking during the flagging off of a consignment of pharmaceuticals worth 81.5M from KEMSA to different health facilities in Kitui, Governor Malombe stated that the two leaders should agree to sit together and address matters of national importance, especially on how to solve the issue of the high cost of living in the country. He affirmed that sitting down and solving the National issues will be the only solution to solve the ongoing high cost of living.

“We need to be honest and fair, I’m just quoting religious leaders who said that we need to have a national conversation. Let’s sit down and talk because the problem of our country is a problem of all Kenyans. If this country is sick even if you are in Government or Opposition, you are also sick and we are not saying those who are in Opposition or Government are wrong, the solution is to sit down and have a conversation,” Malombe stated.

He added that war can never be a solution to the challenges the country is facing and that’s why there is a need for a national dialogue.

“Even in the Nation where there is war like in Russia and Ukraine, war can never be the solution and can never solve any problem,” the Kitui county chief added.

Governor Malombe also cautioned the medical officers who are used to selling pharmaceuticals supplied to Government hospitals to their private health facilities saying that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is on their radar and whoever will be found stealing public resources will be held accountable.

“We have received claims that there are people who go to be treated at the Kitui County Referral hospital and instead of getting all the services there, they are referred to other private facilities. We got a letter from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) that some residents are complaining about going to health facilities and are told that there is no medicine yet we have supplied enough for our people. To the medical officers who might have been involved in the acts in the past, you are our sons and daughters, and we don’t want you to get into problem, if you have any challenges bring your plea to us and I promise even if its promotion I will listen to you,” Governor Malombe pointed out.

He also called upon the health management team and decentralized unit officials including the County Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioners, Ward Administrators, Chiefs, and Village administrators to work together in ensuring that all the residents have access to better healthcare.

The Kitui County Government ordered pharmaceuticals worth 113 Million whereas KEMSA
delivered worth 81.5 Million and will be delivering the remaining 31.5 million by April 2023. The pharmaceuticals will be supplied to 309 health facilities across Kitui County.

Open pits nightmare back in Mlolongo

Last week, a school-going child was rescued from an open pit in Mlolongo where she fell while going home from school.

Locals who were around responded immediately and brought out the kid from the pit filled with murky waters and dirt.

She was then rushed to the hospital for treatment as she had minor injuries.

Open pits have been a danger to small kids in the area and the locals want owners of the plots where the pits are to cover them to prevent accidents.

Daniel Mwanza a local said that some of the pits are filled with dirty water and situated in areas where children play or pass daily posing a danger to them.

“On 26th February 2020, we raised our concerns on open pits within Mlolongo and especially Phase 3 after several lives of innocent children were lost. On Monday, a two and half years girl was rescued from one of the open pits and up to now nothing has happened in ensuring that the open pit is sealed. We seem not to have learned from our past mistakes,” Mwanza said.

“I would love to urge the concerned authorities to ensure these pits are covered to avoid deaths of our children more so this rainy season,” he added.

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From Underwear hawker to Makindu motors owner: The inspiring story of Stephen Ngei


Stephen Ngei the owner of Makindu Motors is among the people with an inspiring from grass to grace story.

His story goes back to the 90s as a hawker who sold paraffin and second-hand underwear to make ends meet.

In a past Interview, Ngei said that he would walk to bars and joints hawking innerwear and jewelry for women in Makindu town and other areas along the Nairobi-Mombasa road.

“Revellers and barmaids were my targets and they were ready customers this made my business boom in no time,” Ngei said.

After saving for some time, he changed the business to selling second-hand bicycles. The business was targeting Government teachers who experienced transport challenges to and fro school.

“They were the only civil servants around and were able to obtain loans this making my business viable,” he narrated.

While in the bicycle business, he saved, and with just 1.2 million shillings he ventured into the motorcycle business.

Ngei began importing motorbikes from Dubai and the target market was still teachers.

“I began with importing 25 motorbikes and the second time the shipment doubled,” he said.

One challenge about importing the bikes from Dubai was some of them came with damaged parts forcing him to sell them for a cheaper price.

In 2004, he landed a deal with Chinese Skygo motorbikes and began importing unassembled motorbikes that would be assembled and sold to customers.

This reduced his losses and made his business grow in no time landing two other major deals that saw him sell manufactured motor vehicles in the country.

The company is doing well despite competition from Chinese companies selling cheap brands but that has not been a bother.

In 2013 the company won the best-exhibiting stand in the motorcycle industry during the Nakuru national Agricultural show.

His journey has however not been all roses, the businessman lost Sh181 million in a fake laptop tender at the Deputy President’s office a few years ago. The matter is still going on in court. In this case, seven people have been charged with the fake laptop tender.

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