Yatta MP Aspirant Kasimba Ngui Decamps From UDA To Azimio, apologizes to Matuu women

Yatta MP Aspirant Kasimba Ngui addressing locals in Matuu. (Photo -CGM)

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Executive Secretary Yatta and Masinga Kasimba Ngui has decamped from UDA and joined Azimio La Umoja.

Kasimba Ngui who is an MP Aspirant in Yatta Subcounty decamped today during the Ukambani governors Azimio La Umoja tour in Matuu town.

“I want to say it here, I am not in UDA anymore. I came here because of these leaders who are united to give us a political direction. We want good leadership… From today henceforth I Michael Kasimba Wa Ngui have joined Azimio La Umoja and because the governor is my elder, I will follow what they say and give them my full support so that we can be in the next government. I have professionals and teachers behind me and a very able team,” said Kasimba Ngui.

This came after governor Mutua said that the only person who was going to be allowed to address residents in the rally was only those affiliated with Azimio asking Kasimba if he was ready to join Azimio. Kasimba said he had decamped from UDA and now joined Azimio la Umoja.

Late last year, Kasimba Ngui told Deputy President William Ruto while on a tour in Matuu that the women in the area went for days without taking a bath because of the water shortage in the area. Remarks which resulted

“Last time, I might have spoken wrongly because of politics, I want to ask forgiveness from whoever I wronged. I want to say that I did not intend to wrong anyone. Our ladies, please forgive me. I will never repeat that mistake” He added.

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