Kasolo: Why i don’t allow anyone to hurt me

Kamba Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo has explained why he does not like it when people come to his life to hurt him.

In a long Facebook Post Kasolo narrated how his life has had a lot of ups and downs since he was born.

From losing his parents within two years to his sister and then his grandmother two years ago Kasolo notes that he has had to push through life despite all the challenges he has faced.

“life is like a Game and sometimes you may see some of us smiling and forget to know we go through a lot silently,” read part of his post.

Mwa tumite mbali watwona ekana Naiu…. Na nye nditanaa ila mundu ukuka maishani makwa kunumisya actually niyaa Ngai Mundu wa muthemba usu nakwatane nake,” translated – we have come a long way when you see us just leave us alone, I am not happy when someone comes in my life to hurt me I tell God to deal with people like this. he concluded.

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