Kitui East MP Issues ultimatum to Interior Ministry to Drive away Camel Herders from Kitui Borders

Cases of Camel herders from the neighboring Tana River county attacking residents of Kitui East and South have been rampant in Kitui County.

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has Given the National Government through the Ministry of Internal Security a two-week ultimatum to drive away the herders who have been bringing fear to the residents.

Mbai revealed that there have been cases of insecurity brought by the herders to the extent of killing innocent residents and now they are tired of ‘singing the same song’ .

“We have held talks and discussions concerning our border with Tana River county since the invasion of the camel herders from Tana River, Garissa, and also others coming from Mandera. The herders come with guns and we have been fighting for 5 years to see them out of our county due to the threats and insecurity they have created,” he said.

However, the Ruto allied MP revealed that although they were removed from their areas of operation where they had constructed temporary houses, the government intervened and said that they will ensure that peace prevails but still the herders came back again.

“If the government has failed to take action they should tell us because it’s just on Monday we heard that there were children in Kalambani, Kitui south chased away by the herders. Let them not come to Kitui East and Kitui South because they will be now looking for ‘words’ and I will go up to Kalambani because my people in Kitui East have intermarried with those of Kitui South and we can’t just stare when our people are being terrorized in their territories,” Mbai stated.

MP Mbai gave the Ministry of Interior two weeks to drive away the herders and ensure that the residents live in peace without fear, especially the school-going children.

“We agreed together with the National Government that you will drive away these herders from our borders, we are giving the Government two weeks to drive them away for our children to learn and our people do their duties without fear,” he added.

This comes after a middle-aged man from Imuumba, Voo in Kitui East was killed by suspected Somali bandits in March 2022.

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Maliti Unveils His Running Mate

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Maliti has unveiled his running mate for the Machakos Gubernatorial seat.

Speaking at Kangundo during the burial of Alexander Mbali the son of Rose Wambua, Maliti said that he had settled on a Deputy Governor from Kangundo after much consultation.

Maliti unveiled Rose Wambua who had been a parliamentary aspirant in Kangundo in 2017 saying that she was fit to be his running mate.

“I Have done my research and have come to realize that Kangundo sub-county has never produced someone to run for Governor. Kangundo was the home of Paul Ngei so it is a key pillar in Machakos politics,” he said.

“My running mate is Rose Wambua. Because Kangundo people deserve a bigger seat in Machakos County. Rose and I have come to the necessary agreement,” Maliti added.

Rose Wambua comes from Kangundo sub-county and in 2017 she had vied for Kangundo parliamentary seat on a Jubilee ticket and she was position two in the election.

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4 Arrested in Connection with Theft and Burning Mwingi Businessman House


Police in Mwingi are probing a matter where unknown people razed the house of a woman identified as Tabitha Mwinzi after stealing money from her in Itendeu, Mwingi Central.

Mwingi sub-county police commander Peter Mutuma revealed that together with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers they have already arrested four suspects in connection with the theft and are being held at the Mwingi police station before being taken to court.

“On Thursday 5th May we got information that five people broke into someone’s house near Itendeu Market where they asked the owner of the house for money. The owner of the house is a businessman and after they found out that he hadn’t arrived, they talked with his wife who explained to them that her husband had not arrived. They forced the woman to give them money and when the woman refused and said that there is no money they caused a lot of commotion,” Sub-County commander Mutuma explained.

According to reports, the neighbors responded by rushing to the scene after hearing the commotion but when the robbers saw that they will be arrested they snatched the woman’s mobile phone and torched the house before running to hide.

The neighbors came to put off the fire and save the woman who informed them that the robbers had made away with her phone after asking for her M-Pesa pin.

“They went to Mwingi town and withdrew 50,000 from the woman’s phone, unfortunately by coincidence and good rapport with the members of the public on Friday we hatched a plan and got one of the suspects and so far we have four and two are helping us and we are sure we will get all the suspects to have a concrete case. we have taken a miscellaneous application to the court as we continue tracing the others,” Mutuma added.

The sub-county commander thanked the members of the public for working with the police to see that cases of crime in Mwingi are eradicated and called them not to remain silent when they see such cases.

He condemned the act of burning the house and forcefully obtaining the money saying that it is against the law and Kamba norms.

Maendeleo chap chap and UDA supporters clash at a rally in Makindu

Just a day after Maendeleo Chap Chap Party leader and Machakos County Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua ditched the Azimio One Kenya Coalition for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance; political rivalry between supporters of the two coalitions has been witnessed in Makindu.

During the celebrations of Mother’s Day in Makindu, Makueni County, there were chaos as supporters and leaders who support Kibwezi West MP aspirant Mwengi Mutuse of Maendeleo Chap Chap and those of his counterpart who is running with the UDA ticket James Mbaluka clashed. This was after Mwengi Mutuse’s representatives were denied a chance to give his speech at the function.

Speaking after the chaos that temporarily halted the celebrations, James Mbaluka called on politicians to campaign in the right way and avoid chaos, abusing each other and any other act that would trigger violence.

“If they are not merciful now and organize their rallies peacefully, will they, for example, be able to care for your children’s school fees?” Mbaluka posed.

“We welcome them and let them know we are peaceful people and we are not political conmen but God-fearing people who put God first and Kenyans first. On the 9th August, Ruto will be the president.” He added.

This comes a day after the Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader publicly declared that his party has bailed out of Raila Odinga-led Azimio One Kenya Alliance and joined Deputy President William Ruto-led Kenya Kwanza Coalition.

Speaking to journalists on Monday,  May 9 at a Nairobi hotel, Dr. Mutua stated that his party had sealed the deal on Sunday, noting that he has copies of the agreement, “unlike in Azimio.”

Mutua claimed that his MCC party was sidelined and kept in the dark in Azimio La Umoja affairs and they couldn’t access the coalition agreement.


DP Ruto Rescues stranded Form one girl in Tala, pays her 4 Years Fees

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday came to the rescue of a high school student who was out of school due to lack of fees.

Ruto led the Kenya Kwanza brigade to Tala market in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county. It was during the meeting that Rose Kavindu Mutuku approached him requeating help to join Form One.

Her parents had failed to raise the over 50,000 shillings needed forcing her to stay home while her peers were in school.

She presented her admission papers to the DP who went through them before deciding to help her. He called for the girl’s mother and talked with her a little.

Ruto then gave out 200,000 meant to cater for the girl’s school fees for the next four years.

“The mother is saying the child has not reported to school because of lack of school fee. I want to pay for her school fees for the four years she will be in school, go pay so that the girl can join her peers in school,” DP Ruto said.

He observed that no child should stay at home due to lack of fees while others are in school. The DP was traversing parts of Machakos county in a bid to popularize Kenya Kwanza.

Ruto was hosted by Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua, ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua among others.

Parents of Kalinditi Secondary – Kitui West Withdraw Their Children after top student in KCSE got a D

Parents of Kalinditi Mixed Secondary School in Kitui West on Monday (9th May) withdrew their children from the school, claiming that the school’s management has neglected their duties.

The parents claimed that the quality of education had deteriorated after the new principal Madam Munyambu, came to the school.

After the 2021 KCSE results were announced, the top student got a grade of D (Constant). The parents say that many parents have transferred their children to other schools.

“This school has been having an issue of poor performance caused by laxity by the school administration led by the principal. Last year there were no Form ones who reported at the school, and the school population is now less than 40 students. The principal has caused all the problems, and the community has vowed that they won’t see their school go down.” One of the parents said.

“That is why they want her to go. We’ve waited for her here at the school, and she didn’t come; the parents have taken their children from the school and vowed that they would take them back after the principal is transferred,” The parent went on.

Jacob Ndau, another parent at the school, also lamented that the poor performance had been largely contributed by the principal, who alleged that she isn’t serious about the subjects she teaches as most of the time she spends out of school.

“The top students were two with D (Constant), and the rest had E. The school had 17 candidates. she doesn’t teach her subjects and per week she attends one lesson, gets in, and leaves after around five minutes. Books were brought by the Ministry of Education but were never distributed to learners, and the catholic sponsors are aware of her case,” Ndau stated.

When Mauvoo News called Monica Munyambu, the school principal, to get to know her side of the story, she stated that she was aware that the parents were planning to demonstrate and that the ministry knew about their problems.

“Of course, I’m aware of the situation, and let the parents explain what they want,” she said and hung up.

The parents stated that they would take their children back when the principal is transferred to another school.

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Ngilu reacts to Alfred Mutua’s decision to join Kenya Kwanza

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has reacted following the decision by his Machakos counterpart Dr. Alfred Mutua to join Kenya Kwanza.

Ngilu while speaking in Kajiado county claimed that Mutua had been given money to jump ship noting that Mutua went to Kenya Kwanza to fend for his stomach.

He noted that leaders who are deciding to leave and join other coalitions don’t have the interest of the community at heart.

“Your excellency Ole Lenku and other leaders I would ask you to teach other leaders because some of them are led by their stomachs,” she said.

He noted that Mutua is still a newbie in politics and cannot help or lead the Kamba community.

“We have seen one of us join UDA because there is a lot of money there. I don’t know how much he was paid. Mutua says he can lead the community, someone who came to power just the other day. Let it be known that he went for his own interest and not the community’s” Ngilu went on.

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The Kitui Governor noted that leadership doesn’t belong to the rich. According to her Deputy President William Ruto’s regime will not be good if he wins warning Kenyans not to vote for him. She asked Kenyans to vote for Raila who has fought for them in many occasions.

“Anyone going to Ruto is jumping into a deep hole and will soon or later regret. Only Baba Raila can help Kenyans, I have seen him fight for Kenyans since long ago,” she concluded.

Governor Mutua declared today that he has left Azimio for Ruto’s UDA. His main reason was lack of transparency in Azimio saying that he was not even sure of the agreement and the issue of zoning. Missed the story? check it out below;

60-Year Old Stabbed To Death By Friend During Drinking Spree In Kitui

A 60-year-old man from Katulani, Kitui Central Subcounty of Kitui County died after being stabbed on the stomach by his friend.

According to an eyewitness, the man was out on a drinking spree at Katulani Market when he got stabbed by his friend.

The eyewitness revealed that the deceased was a tailor in Kitui town and he was drinking with his friend. When it was time to go home he was dead drunk and his friend tried to wake him up but he became violent and after fighting him the friend ended up using a sharp knife and stabbed him.

“I got a call that a tailor who used to make our clothes here in the market was found lying dead outside a local joint. Upon enquiring I found he was stabbed by a friend whom they were drinking together and when he went to wake him up he became violent resulting in a fight and in midst of it he stabbed him,” said the eyewitness.

The man has been arrested and locked at Itoleka police station while the police launch investigation on the matter.

The body of the deceased was taken to Kitui Level 4 hospital for preservation and autopsy.

Governors Alfred Mutua and Kingi set to join Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua last week promised that today (Monday 9th) his party will make a decision on the way forward after failing to get a copy of the Azimio coalition agreement deposited with the registrar of political parties.

On Monday at 2 am, Kenya Kwanza principal and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula send out a tweet congratulating Governor Mutua’s Chap Chap party and Kingi’s PAA for Joining Kenya Kwanza alliance.

“Congratulations Maendeleo Chap Chap and PAA political parties for joining the Kenya Kwanza Alliance Coalition. Your entry brings in additional energy and guarantees, even more, KKA’s assured victory in the August 9th General elections. Hongera.” Wetangula in a tweet said.

The Tweet;

On the 7th of April 2022, Mutua speaking at a local TV show demanded to be treated with respect in Azimio coalition because he had the option to quit and join Kenya Kwanza. Mutua also revealed that DP Ruto had reached out to him the night before.

A day earlier, A caucus of the smaller parties in Azimio coalition dubbed Mwanzo Mpya which was led by Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua and Prof. Kivutha Kibwana decried being ignored in Azimio. The Caucus promised to ditch Raila in 48 hours unless their concerns are addressed.


Kitui Wiper MPs Send warning to Raila on his Running Mate Choice

Kitui Wiper MPs continued to reiterate that ODM Leader Raila Odinga should choose Kalonzo as his running mate.

Speaking during a prayer day of Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua at Kyondoni in Kitui West constituency, Makali Mulu, the MP Kitui Central, stated that they would not accept to be undermined, as the Kamba community has been voting for Raila Odinga for longer than any community.

“We respect you, Raila, that’s why as a community, we have stood with you for ten years, and we vote for him more than what the Luo community gives him in terms of votes. We are sending a simple message that No Kalonzo, No Raila,” Makali said.

Makali further claimed that the Wiper leader has been telling them to remain calm and trust that God will take charge and do wonders.

Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna also defended Kalonzo, saying that he is an African leader known in East African countries and should not be compared with some leaders who joined Parliament just the other day.

“You can’t compare Kalonzo with Martha Karua, who got 73,000 votes nationally; give us a break. I want to reaffirm what my colleagues have said No Kalonzo, No Raila, and the Kamba community are saying. I wish to thank Gideon Moi even after his party endorsed him; he said that he is not fit for the post and is not senior to Kalonzo,” Nguna stated.

Kitui West Member of Parliament Edith Nyenze also reiterated the message from his colleagues, saying that Kalonzo is the only leader who is fit to deputize Raila.

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua threatened to resign from the running mate selection panel citing dishonest deals. Missed the story? check it out below;