Meet Jacob William Maunda’s 5 sons making it big in media

Jacob William Maunda’s death 11 years ago hit the media industry hard as he was known by many because of his sensational voice on Radio.

Even though Jacob William Maunda passed on, his legacy remains as he still rocks the airwaves through his sons.

Some of Maunda’s children followed their fathers’ footsteps and joined the media industry. Five of William Maunda’s sons have grown roots in the media industry. Though they have ventured into different media platforms their bond is incomparable.

Stephen Jacob Maunda popularly known by his Radio name Shatta Bwoy or Shatta Tikitaka is well known among reggae lovers. Shatta Boy hosts a radio show on Radio Citizen known as Waks Tikitaka. Stephen was born in 1989 and holds a Diploma in Mass Communication. He also plays the rhythm guitar.

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Peter Mutuse Maunda is popularly known by his radio name Star Kivisi. He hosts a show on Mutongoi TV and Mutongoi FM. The show dubbed Kwambata Kwambata hosts a variety of Kamba benga artists. Apart from being a journalist he also plays the keyboard and recorded a song known as “Nengwasya” while he was in High School.

Samson Maunda known as Samsnizze Maunda is a voice-over artist for Musyi FM just like his dad William Maunda uses to do voice-over for shows in Musyi. Sam followed in his footsteps and he is the voice behind several adverts on Musyi FM. He also plays drums.

Abel Maunda popularly known as Dj Bling official is a renown reggae DJ on Ghetto radio alongside Bonoko. In 200,7 he vied for Donholm’s civic seat but failed but this did not deter him from continuing with the legacy of his father by hitting the radio waves.

Gabriel Wiliam Maunda is the CEO and Lecturer at Blaqburn academy of Deejaying where he trains aspiring Deejays. He is also a Deejay and turntablist. In the recent 2022 elections, he vied for an MCA seat in Upper Savannah Ward on a Wiper Party ticket but he lost.

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