Muthama: No one will steal Ruto’s Victory on August 9th

Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has trashed fears and allegations that even if William Ruto wins the August 9th general elections he will not be declared the winner. Talks of plans to rig the August elections have done rounds for quite some time now.

Addressing the media, Muthama said that the claims are baseless and don’t hold any water. He observed that the people spreading such malicious claims are nemeses who are already afraid.

“There are claims being peddled by our political nemesis that any UDA candidate who will win the elections in August will not be declared because the deep state will try and change the results of the elections,” said Muthama.

“The only man who used to be desperate is the late president Daniel Moi but in 2002 he was shocked because the votes were a lot and he couldn’t do anything,” he added.

Muthama noted that the United Democratic Alliance party popularity was rising daily and that of Deputy President William Ruto.

He expressed confidence that UDA will form the next government and it will not be easy to steal the victory from UDA if Ruto wins the elections.

The UDA party chairman also called upon their supporters to remain calm and have faith in the party to avoid being swayed by the claims.

“Ruto will win by a landslide and it will be very hard for anyone to rig the elections. Even with the current opinion polls, Ruto is seen to be on the top of the game. To our supporters know your chairman is ahead of everything and you don’t have to worry about a single thing,” The UDA chairman went on/

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