Don’t bring chaos when you lose in August, Matungulu MP to Ruto and Tangatanga

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has called on Deputy President William Ruto and the UDA party to accept the verdict of Kenyans in the August general elections. Mule asked them not to cause chaos in case they lose in August.

“I want to put on notice Ruti and his team, if you are defeated in 2022 don’t bring chaos in this country, pack and go because we have seen your mission is not peace rather it is cause chaos,” Mule said.

The MP also accused Legislators associated with Wiliam Ruto of creating chaos during the political parties amendment Bill that was being debated by MPs last week in a heated debate session that turned chaotic.

Speaking at a service in Isooni Catholic Church, Matungulu Mp Stephen Mutinda Mule said that the chaos witnessed in the Parliament that day was orchestrated by Tangatanga MPs who did not accept defeat.

“I want to put the Tangatanga group on notice, when we had a special sitting last week in Parliament to amend the political parties’ bill, we voted several times and when they got defeated they did not accept the outcome, they became chaotic,” He added.

Mule further asked kenyans to ensure that they maintain peace during this election and campaigning period.

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