Muthama sent me a bad message after telling him he will rest on my chest – Kalonzo

Kalonzo Musyoka and Johnson Muthama at the burial of Elias Musyoka. (Photo - cmn)

In February 2021 at the burial of Machakos AIC Bishop Bernard Nguyo in Mitaboni, Muthama and Kalonzo were involved in a near fistfight. This was after Kalonzo told Muthama that he would return his wife Kavindu to him as a senator and that he would come back to ‘Kalonzo’s chest’ before 2022.

Muthama who then seemed angered by the words stood heading to the dias where Kalonzo was speaking from and was stopped by MPs that were seated next to him.

During the Burial of Elias Musyoka in Mwingi, Muthama and Kalonzo met and it was a perfect opportunity for the duo to speak their hearts out.

Kalonzo said that Muthama was his brother despite sending a bad message to him after the Mitaboni incident.

“I told him he would return to my chest but he sent a very bad message to me telling me that he can’t rest in the chest of a coward like me,” Kalonzo said.

Kalonzo also noted that Muthama was the one who led talks in uniting him and Raila.”You were my lead negotiator with Raila whom you’re now saying we should cut our ties, but now I am negotiating for myself.” Kalonzo added.

The Wiper party leader also appreciated Muthama for being the chairman of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) but he boldly told him that if Wiper defeats his party he should be ready to come back home.

“Defeating William is my number one priority and I have reasons for it. For 24 years we supported Moi.” Kalonzo went on.

He added that Uhuru and Ruto shared 50 percent of each of the cabinet appointments but Ruto never gave any seat to a Kamba saying it was the first time Kambas did not have a minister.

“From the times of Ngei and Ngala Mwendwa, there is no time Kambas have failed to have a minister. Do not be deceived. Bottom-up, If you vote for them you will regret but God will not accept it.”

Kalonzo further warned Kenyans not to support Ruto and his bottom-up economic model saying that he is blackmailing Kenyans to ascend into power.

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