Quorum hitches in Kitui County Assembly as MCAs skip sittings

Kitui County assembly is on the spot for lack of quorum during plenary sittings since the beginning of this week thus crippling Assembly business.

A splinter group of the MCAs led by the deputy majority leader Erastus Mbuno and Kitui township MCA Daniel Ngoima has blasted colleagues for missing sitings.

Mbuno noted that the absent MCAs seek to paralyze house functions as there are pending bills that need to be discussed. According to Mbuno, the MCAs want to frustrate the executive by dragging the passing of pending bills.

He urged the speaker Kelvin Kinengo Katisya to bring the house to order so that the assembly business could go on as before.

“We are not happy about what is going on in the assembly, a big number of MCAs have missed plenary sitting since Tuesday and this can be viewed as an attempt to paralyze the house business,” said Mbuno.

“We were elected to do oversight, legislation, and representation and so I would urge the absent member ma of the county assembly to come so that we may be able to do our duty to the people who elected us,” noted Ngoima.

Priscilla Makumi, Wiper nominated MCA stated that the absence was being stage-managed as some of the absent MCAs come and leave after some minutes.

“Our question is who is the stranger calling the members requesting them to leave the assembly and why are they leaving the assembly? We indeed have some fights but that has nothing to do with delivering to the electorate, Let’s put our differences aside and do our job,” she noted.

Last week, Kalonzo sent a warning to Kitui MCAs. Missed the story? check it out below;

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