Prepare for prolonged Assembly sittings- Speaker Kinengo to Kitui MCAs

Kevin Kinengo Katisya the Speaker of the County Assembly of Kitui has urged MCAs to tighten their belts and get ready for the heavy tasks ahead of them.

Speaking during the official opening of the induction exercise to train the MCAs on matters of the various house committees, Speaker Kinengo said that they will be forced to have assembly sittings thrice a week since they have not yet deliberated on the supplementary budget and also the CECM nominees presented by Governor Malombe.

He urged them to take the induction exercise seriously because it is vital in preparing them on how they will be deliberating on various issues of the assembly, especially on supplementary budget and vetting of the CECM.

“The supplementary budget by the executive was given to us on Friday, 4th November by the office of the Governor together with the list of the CEC nominees. Those are tasks that are awaiting us. We have to train all committees but more emphasis will be on the budget and appointments committees,” Speaker Kinengo said.

According to the County Assembly of Kitui calendar, the members of the county assembly are expected to go for a recess on 7th December 2022 hence they have a short time to vet the CECMs and also deliberate on the supplementary budget.

Speaker Kinengo said that they will be forced to have assembly sittings thrice a week instead of twice a week so that they can finish the important house business before they go for recess.

“We will also be training the sectoral committees because some nominees are vetted by the sectoral committees and as you know we will be going for a recess on 7th December. So when I consult the house leadership and you see me calling for a special sitting please understand because there is no need to call for a special sitting after we go for our recess,” the youthful speaker requested the members.

Members approved by the assembly to the committee on appointments that will vet CEC nominees are; Kevin Kinengo Katisya who is the Chairperson, Harrison Maluki Mawia the Leader of the Majority, Alex Mutambu Nganga who is the Leader of Minority, Hussein Mwandia, Mathew Ngovi Vuthi, and Judith Kasyoka Wanza are also members.

The budget and appropriations committee members approved by the assembly are; Malinga Munyao, Zacheus Syengo, Boniface Mukwate, Mercy Muliwa Muema, Sylvester Kitheka Kyalo, Alex Mutambu Nganga, Mary Mutune, and Kyalo Kimuli.

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