Section of Wiper MCAs plot to impeach Kitui Speaker Kinengo

A section of Wiper MCAs are plotting to impeach the new Kitui County Assembly Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya.

According to a source at the Party, 3 elected MCAs on Wiper Party and 4 nominated MCAs have been instructed to impeach Speaker Kinengo. This they say is because he is not serving the interests of some quarters at the Party.

“After welcoming President Ruto to Kitui during thanksgiving service and later his daughter, the ‘boss’ said that the young man at the Assembly (Kinengo) may not help them because they are not aware of the details of the consultative meeting between the Speaker and Ruto’s daughter,” a source who sought anonymity told Mauvoo News.

At the center of the ouster bid, Mauvoo News confirmed is also the construction of County Assembly offices.

“There is a project of approximately 400 million for the construction of County Assembly offices whose tender was set to be awarded to a Wiper MP. After Speaker Kinengo won it is a threat to the MP because he may not get the tender. The MP is collaborating with a former Speaker to organize a group of MCAs who will impeach Speaker Kinengo so that they can be able to continue with their scheme,” the source further informed Mauvoo News on condition of anonymity.

Another source indicated that there are specific people that some quarters at Wiper Party wanted to be appointed by Governor Malombe as County Executive Committee (CEC) members failure to which the MCAs were to reject Governor Malombe’s list. Malombe is however yet to name his cabinet.

The majority of the other MCAs who we conducted however vowed to protect Kinengo because he was their choice and he is leading them well so far. Speaker Kinengo wasn’t available on phone to comment on the matter.

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