Meet Kelvin Kinengo, 30-year-old elected as Kitui speaker

Kelvin Katisya Kinengo was elected as the speaker of the 3rd Kitui Assembly beating the incumbent George Ndoto with 45 votes in the second round of voting.

Who is this man Kelvin Kinengo? Wakili Kelvin Katisya Kinengo is an advocate who has worked closely with Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and former Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana.

In a past interview with Mauvoo News, Kinengo said that most of the MCAs elected in Kitui Assembly are youths and thus they needed their fellow youth who will lead them and bring fresh ideas to the assembly.

“As a youth from Kitui, this is now the moment for youth leadership in our county and I have high hopes that I will work for all the MCAs because in the few years I have worked as a legal practitioner I have achieved a lot, I know the problems of Kitui residents and the work of the speaker,” Kinengo said in an interview with Mauvoo News.

Speaker Kinengo promised that he will ensure that there is a harmonious working relationship between the Executive and the county Assembly because at the end of the day the two should deliver development and resources to Kitui residents.

“The work of the speaker is to take care of his MCAs by ensuring that their welfare is taken care of, the work of the speaker is to ensure that the MCAs make laws in the right way and provide guidance where possible. If you look at the MCAs who retained their seats they are very few because when you are voted by the people they expect you to work for them and you can’t deliver to them when there is no good relationship between the assembly and the executive,” he added.

Kinengo said that he will make sure that the MCAs relate well with Governor Malombe for the benefit of Kitui residents and he is confident because the Governor has the best interests of the people of Kitui.

“I will ensure that the Governor and the MCAs have unity and work together, if it’s their well-being I will ensure that everything is in order because the county assembly and the executive should work together. The Assembly needs young people with ideas because out of the 39 MCAs, 31 are young people who are my agemates,” the young advocate stated.

Kinengo added that he will use the experience he gained from Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Kivutha Kibwana to help the people of Kitui and create more networks leading donors and NGOs to bring more resources to the people.

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