One On One With Kyeleni Ward MCA Grace Bahati Alias Zora

Grace Bahati alias Zora trounced many political giants to be elected as the MCA for Kyeleni Ward in Matungulu sub-county.

Speaking after being sworn in on Tuesday, Grace, a youthful leader noted that it was like a miracle for her, a woman and an Independent candidate to be elected for the first time in a place where party politics carry the day.

She revealed that before she ran for a political seat she was a student and also an entrepreneur.

“For me to vie for this seat was just an urge, I had never tried such a position in my life and I was surprised to be elected at the first trial being a woman and an Independent Candidate in a county where parties are idolized,” she said.

She also urged women to be at the forefront to vie for various political positions so as to bring change in the community.

“Am among the top two elected women in the County Assembly of Machakos given that majority of the members who were elected are men so am honored to be a woman in the house,” she said.

“I want to ask young women to be able to step out and pursue their passion in politics and be able to change the society and the community they have grown in,” she added.

The first time MCA requested the National Government to factor in the Ward Development Fund noting that it would be fundamental for many MCAs to assist in bringing change in communities through various development.

“I want to request the National Government to bring in Ward Development Fund because during the campaigns it was hard to convince the electorates that our work was to legislate, they know that we must do something, and it was such a hard task convincing them,”Grace went on.

“The Ward Development Fund will really help us grow the community because these are people we interact with on a daily basis so even if it’s just 10 million annually, it will help a lot in doing some developments,” she concluded.

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