Tala MCA Candidate Decries destruction of posters and campaign materials

Tala Ward MCA Aspirant Mary Ndaka has decried vandalism of her posters by unknown people suspected to be her opponents.

Speaking after meeting residents of Kyaume Location, Matungulu Subcounty Mary said that it was uncalled for people to vandalize her posters yet she had done nothing to anyone to warrant such.

She noted that it was even against the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission code of conduct giving a stern warning to those behind the act.

“I want to ask my opponents to stop vandalizing my posters and we should stop this barbaric act and campaign peacefully, why would anyone wake up and vandalize someone’s poster,” Mary questioned.

“I will put them again but they will be under security so if you are caught vandalizing them you will not be in safe hands you will face the law,” she added.

She further called on the youth not to be used as vessels who fuel chaos in politics or vandalize people’s posters saying that it was high time the youths stood their ground and refused to be used for ill motives.

“Do not allow yourselves to be misused by political leaders that do not have anything good planned for you but rather look for a leader who is ready to invest in your future as youth and your families,” she went on.

She called on people to support women leaders in political seats noting that women knew the needs of the people and are compassionate about the community saying that through her tenure she will ensure that water, road, and infrastructure as well as the creation of jobs will be her top priorities and they will be actualized.

“Am the only woman vying for Tala Ward seat, give me this seat because I know the plans I have for you and I will ensure that we will not worry about water or bad roads anymore because when you empower a woman you have empowered a whole community and am ready to work,” she said.

Mary Ndaka is the only female MCA candidate vying for the Tala Ward Seat. There are 16 candidates and 15 of them are men.

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