Why we are Giving Handouts after campaign rallies – Wavinya Ndeti

Machakos Wiper Gubernatorial Candidate Wavinya Ndeti has defended politicians who are giving handouts during campaigns saying that the level of poverty amongst people is wanting.

Speaking while attending a church service at Kangundo Redeemed Gospel Church, Wavinya said that after addressing people they end up requesting something from her, and because of her motherly nature she has to give them something to eat.

She noted that many families are going hungry and during these difficult times it is hard for her to just ignore them and at times she has to use personal resources to cater to their needs.

“When holding these campaign rallies, you finish addressing people and as you are about to leave, they surround you and start asking for something to feed themselves and their families,” she said.

“I am a mother and I know what it means to go hungry and honestly if I do not give them something I will have nightmares at night because what matters the most is the well-being of a person and I will be inhuman to leave them hungry,” she added.

The vocal politician also noted that Machakos county needed mature leaders who can spearhead development transparently.

Wavinya further added that she was ‘God sent’ and she is a trusted leader and a performer who can change Machakos county.

“I am not a child, someone who has hit over 50 years that is not a child, and Machakos needs mature leaders and people who are humble and can be advised and take note of the advice, “Wavinya went on.

“I want to be that leader that if you see am doing something wrong or opposite of what I am expected am open to being corrected because if you can’t create room for correction then you are not a leader,” She promised.

She was in the company of Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu, Machakos Women Representative Joyce Kamene Kasimbi, Kangundo Central MCA Moses Mitaa among others.

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