Auditor General Puts Mwingi Central NG-CDF On the Spot over irregular allowances, bursary allocation and project malpractices

The Auditor-General has put Mwingi Central NG-CDF management on the spot over irregular allowances, lack of clear bursary award process, and malpractices in projects among other issues.

The Auditor questioned how bursary committee members who were supposed to get 500 as allowance ended up getting 5000 as allowance without any explanations. 2 members not in the initial list of attendance ended up in the final list.

“The statement of receipts and payments reflects 6,435,627 in respect of use of goods and services which includes 1,293,400 for committee expenses out of which 47,000 was paid to bursary subcommittee members. A review of supporting documents revealed that there were six members in attendance who were entitled to allowance at a rate of 500 per person each. However, the payment was made at the rate of 5,000 per person without any explanation. Further, two members whose names were not on the original attendance list were included in the payment schedule and received a total of 17,000 without any explanation.” The report read in part.

The report also questioned bursary disbursements and the criteria of allocation.

“The statement of receipts and payments reflects 44,219,579 in respect of other grants and other payments which includes 35,772,100 for bursary disbursements to secondary schools, tertiary institutions, and special schools. However, no adequate relevant supporting documents were provided for audit to show how applications for bursaries were invited and evaluated. It was therefore not possible to confirm whether the bursaries were awarded to needy and deserving students through an open and transparent process. Consequently, the regularity of bursary disbursements of 35,772,100 could not be confirmed.” The report added.

The Audit report also pointed out anomalies in project implementation in several projects including;

Contract for Renovation of Dormitory at Mboru Primary School

During the year under review, the Fund disbursed 500,000 for the renovation of a girls’ dormitory at Mboru Primary School. The project was awarded as two separate contracts for labor and supply of construction materials. However, no bills of quantities from the sub-county works office were provided for audit. Further, physical verification revealed that the project was incomplete and was being used as a store despite exhausting the allocated funds. In addition, 4 windows costing 18,000, floor tiles valued at 49,000, painting works of 20,800, and plastering of the walls were not done.

Renovation of Classroom at Kamuluyuni Primary School

During the year under audit, the Fund disbursed 300,000 to Kamuluyuni Primary School for the renovation of one classroom to completion, and a labor-based contract was awarded at a contract sum of Kshs.194,000. At the evaluation stage, the contractor had been recommended for award at a contract sum of 76,000 and It was not clear why the contract was awarded at a higher contract sum of Kshs.194,000 and how the same was determined.

Several contractors awarded contracts in the constituency also lacked Tax Compliance Certificates and National Construction Authority (NCA) registration certificates.

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