Don’t Elect Leaders Because Of Their Parties – Matungulu MP Aspirant

Matungulu MP Aspirant Dr. Philip Munyao addressing the press in Kyaume. (Photo -Juline/Mauvoo)

Voters have been urged to look for leaders while voting rather than electing leaders because of their political affiliation or the political parties that are fronting or supporting them.

Speaking after meeting several women and youth groups, Dr. Philip Munyao an MP aspirant from Matungulu said that over the years voters have been electing leaders according to their party affiliation but the majority of them have ended up failing.

The vocal politician said that people should evaluate leaders before electing them, especially during this period of election to ensure that they elect the right leaders.

“Let’s stop this politics of uniform, we should stop party politics and elect leaders because of their deeds, not the political parties they come with. Evaluate leaders before you elect them instead of saying that he came with this party,” Dr. Philip Munyao said.

Philip also cautioned leaders to stop holding their rallies till late hours because it is posing risk to the electorate when they go home late coming from political rallies.

“When holding our rallies, fellow politicians let’s ensure that we finish the meetings early enough so that they get home safely, when we finish our meetings late we enter our cars without caring to know how the electorate gets home,” he went on.

Philip Munyao is vying for Matungulu Constituency parliamentary seat. Others vying for the seat are Stephen Mutinda Mule the incumbent, Peter Kilonzo Mutiso, Thomas Malinda among others.

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