Stop Politicizing County Projects, it affects their progress- Matungulu Politician

Raphael Lucky Nzau addressing residents in Nguluni (Photo credit-courtesy)

Machakos residents have been asked to stop politicizing the ongoing projects by the County Government so as to ensure they are done and implemented appropriately.

Addressing residents in Matungulu West Ward, Raphael Lucky Nzau said that the county government has initiated projects through the world bank Kenya Urban Support Program (KUSP) and most of them are ongoing but some are stalled due to politics.

“Let’s stop these politics in projects by the county government, if these projects stop during the election period, they are unlikely to resume. Let us stop this cheap politics and criticism,” he said.

“IMF that is funding the projects if they sense there is a tussle in the projects they can stop the funding this affecting them and making them stop,” Nzau went on.

He further urged people to register as voters so as to enable them to participate in the August General elections.

Machakos county through Tala, Mavoko, and Machakos municipalities has been doing various projects in various towns to improve them. Some of the projects have been stalled after being initiated in various places in the county such as walkways in Tala and Nguluni among other areas.

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