Makueni Education CECM pressed hard by MCAs on failure to disburse bursaries despite paying contractors

Makueni Education CECM Dr. Naomi Makau found herself on the receiving end while appearing before the General oversight committee of Makueni county Assembly chaired by Speaker Douglas Mbilu.

The CECM together with the Treasury Chief officer had been invited to answer why bursaries have not been disbursed for 2 financial years now; 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

The officers blamed the controller of budget for delays but hard-pressed to substantiate using any evidence, they were not able.

The MCAs questioned how money was available to pay contractors doing ECDE classrooms but not bursaries.

“We feel the pain, the only problem is that once we are done with what we are supposed to do, we are only supposed to wait for funds to be released from the controller of budget. Please appreciate that we are doing everything that we are supposed to do so that the children go back to school.” CECM Naomi told MCAs.

“Sincerely somebody has to carry that blame, priority must be placed. There is no way we can go paying contractors when children who are supposed to be in school are sitting at home. Some of them are form fours. This can only be felt if you live in those committees and see the desperation.” MCA said.

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“Should we read corruption into these projects because ECDE centers have been built for that year and 2021/2022 and when we come to bursaries we see a lot of reluctance. “Another MCA seconded.

Speaking in response, Speaker Mbilu dismissed the excuse that the controller of budget had not approved funds noting that there was no correspondence.

In February, Emali/Mulala ward MCA Nick Muthoka requested a statement on the disbursement of the bursaries. Muthoka said that students whose fees are being paid by the county government are suffering due to being sent home for fees.

“It is even worrying because some of these students are orphaned and who performed well and got the government sponsorship. The guardians were assured that the students will go through their education without problems but now these students are being sent home,” he said while seeking the statement.

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