List of Kitui County CEC Nominees

Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe has named his County Executive Committee (CEC) nominees after a long wait since he got into the office for his second term.

Richard John Mwendandu from Ikanga Kyatune ward in Kitui South was nominated to be the CEC Energy, Environment, Forestry, and Natural resources while Phoebe Ndunyu Mutemi from Kyome Thaana ward was nominated to be the CEC Culture, Gender, Youth, ICT, and social services.

Stephen Mbaya Kimwele from Kivou ward in Mwingi Central was nominated to be the CEC of Agriculture and Livestock while Rose Mawia Mutuku from Kisasi ward in Kitui rural was nominated for the position of CEC Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives.

Peter Mwikya Kilonzo who is the former Athi ward MCA in Kitui South was nominated to be the CEC of Finance and Economic Planning while Ruth Koki Mwanzia from Mulango ward in Kitui Central was nominated to CEC Public Health and Sanitation.

Engineer Muli Kitiko from Chuluni ward in Kitui East was nominated for the CECM position of roads public works and transport in Kitui county, and Joyce Kasyoka Titus from Zombe Mwitika ward in Kitui East was nominated for the docket of Education Training and Skills Development.

Peter Nkunda from Tharaka ward in Mwingi North was nominated by Governor Malombe as the CECM of Water and Irrigation. Nkunda worked as a CECM during the first term of Malombe and the Governor said he performed well.

Fredrick Kisonge Kimanga from Kithumula/Kwa Mutonga ward in Kitui West was nominated for CEC Lands, Housing, and Urban Development. Governor Malombe nominated the names from all the eight sub-counties achieving regional balance.

“Two of my ministers Ruth Koki and Peter Nkunda were in my first term cabinet. When they were evaluated their ministries performed exemplarily well. That’s why I have brought them to continue with their good work in serving the people of Kitui,” Governor Malombe said.

The names will be forwarded to the County Assembly of Kitui for the members of the County Assembly to vet them.

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