Kilungu locals worried as heavy rains begin to pound

The happenings on the night of 30th November 2019 are fresh in the minds of residents of Kilungu in Makueni county.

Three people died among them an-eight year eight-year-old girl. The family of the girl is yet to come to terms with what happened.

The rains have started and the locals are living in fear that what happened in 2019 may happen again as they are still living in the old houses.

The government has urged them to move to safer places to avert calamity but they are unable to relocate.

“I already lost my child and I am not able to move my family of nine to another place. The government should help relocate us to safer places,” said Samuel.

Due to climate change, many roads in the area are on the verge of being carried away.
The locals are more worried about the Kivani-Nunguni road which becomes impassable due to floods during heavy rains.

The road has been severely damaged by lorries ferrying sand from the area.

Kaiti Member of Parliament Joshua Kimilu noted that the government will need at least half a billion to reroute the road here to a place with no mudslides.

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