Makueni: Police lob teargas at locals demonstrating over Elephant invasion

Police in Ilikoni, Kibwezi sub-county of Makueni county were forced to lob teargas at locals demonstrating over human-wildlife conflict.

The irate locals had blocked the police from moving the body of a 60-year-old man who was killed by an elephant on Wednesday night.

The locals were demanding the police kill the marauding elephant first before taking away the body.

They claimed that they have been troubled for long by wildlife and their cries have not been heard.

“Our tanks and granaries have been destroyed by the elephants. This man was killed last night while heading home. We are tired and need a permanent solution to the situation,” said a local.

“When we call them to take away the elephants back to Tsavo they never respond until something happens,” he added.

They also accused the Kenya Wildlife Service of valuing wildlife more than the life of locals hence not putting up measures to safeguard them.

The affected areas include Mavindini, Ilikoni, Ngiluni, and Kyusiani.

Three years ago, another man was killed by elephants and the residents want the government to intervene.

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