Elephants invade farms, destroy crops in Kibwezi – Makueni

Residents of Kasemeini village, Kakumbulyu, Kibwezi sub-county are calling upon the Government through the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to rescue them from elephants that have been terrorizing them and destroying their farms.

Speaking with Mauvoo News, residents said they are terrified and can’t walk freely since the elephants are all over and they fear being attacked.

The elephants strayed into the village on Saturday, March 27, night and have since been scattered all over the village.

“These elephants have from Sunday evening been roaming around and we cannot walk freely because they are everywhere and can attack us anytime,” a resident said.

The herd of elephants has also been reported to have invaded the farms and destroyed crops. According to the locals they have destroyed crops like cassava, maize, mangos, and watermelon.

The locals also claimed that some elephants have been spotted in several homesteads and they are afraid if something is not done they might harm or even kill them.

“We are pleading with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to come and chase these elephants away from our village. We are calling for action so that we can prevent loss of lives here,” Joseph Kavutha, the village elder said.

These elephants have strayed from Tsavo National Park which is in Kibwezi, Makueni County. The park is the largest National Park in Kenya and is home to approximately 12,000 elephants, one-third of all elephants in Kenya.

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