Emali: Locals worried town may flood

The meteorologist team has announced the October rains may be long and heavy and locals of Emali town in Makueni county are worried lot.

Locals and traders from the town told the press that there is a need for the county government through the Department of Solid Waste Management to ensure proper drainage in the town to avoid floods.

Led by their chairman Muli explained their fear of having their properties carried away by flashfloods and called for the drainage system in the market to be unblocked.

“The rains are fast approaching and our drains are blocked thus meaning there is no outlet and if the rain starts before they are unblocked then we are in for a big problem,” said Muli.

“Last season traders counted losses worth over half a million shillings due to floods, the market has grown and if the problem is solved we can avoid much damage before they even bring us the tanks for harvesting rainwater,” he added.

Muli said that the county government also needs to create proper drainage on feeder roads to avert destructive floods.

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