Traders in Machakos Town raise concerns over garbage

Traders who operate in Machakos Town around Ola Petrol Station have raised concerns about uncollected garbage in the area which they say is affecting their businesses.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, the traders claimed that garbage has been piling up in bins without being emptied for some time.

“Over 2 weeks now, we have been living in an uncomfortable situation here. This garbage bin has not been emptied since then. Noting that this bin is in the town center, it should be emptied regularly to avoid pilling up.” one of the traders who asked us not to disclose his identity said.

According to the traders, the garbage has turned out to be a nightmare since it’s producing a foul smell.

“Our customers are losing trust in our businesses. Some have run away from us, an issue that is affecting us. The foul smell from the garbage is alarming.” Monica a trader with a stall near the bin said.

“We can’t even pay rent. The little amount that we get can’t even reach what we are required to pay for our rent.” another trader added.

“The responsible unit has been collecting the garbage when they just wish to. We can’t put up with this habit for we are the ones who are been hit hard.” She went on.

The traders have asked Machakos County Government to intervene by sending trucks to empty the bin.

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