Muthesya locals issue KPLC with two-day ultimatum

Residents of Kathukini in Muthesya, Masinga sub-county of Machakos county have issued a two-day ultimatum to KPLC to restore power in the area after more than a month in darkness.

The locals told the press that since the power outage they have experienced losses and insecurity has cropped up.

“Due to lack of power most of our businesses that depend on electricity have closed up, shops in this market close early thus giving way to burglars who break into the shops at night without any worry because of the dark,” said a local.

“I am asking someone who operates a salon here and the power has been out for over a month. How will she survive, feed her kids, and even pay school fees,” he added.

They claimed that the company is aware of the issue but has not taken any measures to solve the problem.

The residents threatened to hold demos at KPLC offices in Muranga if the issue is not sorted out.

“Our motorbikes cannot be fixed because fixing them requires electricity. We are forced to go to Ngilelya to acquire some of the services and it is far. The drugs in the hospitals have also gone bad we would love it if we could be getting our power from Machakos rather than Murang’a because the company is no longer picking up our calls,” said another local.

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