Matungulu MCA aspirant partners with Machakos registrar to issue locals birth certificates

Raphael Lucky Nzau, Matungulu West MCA aspirant consulting with locals who had come to register for birth certificates. (Photo - Juline/Mauvoo)

Matungulu West Ward residents have something to smile about as the year ends. This after being able to register for birth and death certificates as well as IDs closer home rather than going to Machakos.

Speaking during the registration process, Fauzia Mukonzi said that she had been trying to register for her granddaughter’s birth certificate for a year with no success.

She disclosed that being a Muslim was a bit challenging even when it came to the registration of IDs but now there was a ray of hope after the services were brought closer home.

“Now I have hope that my granddaughter will acquire the birth certificate. Obtaining IDs and birth certificates is not a walk in the park for us Muslims living in Nguluni. Most of the time we are forced to prove that we were born and raised here making it difficult for us,” said Fauziah Mukonzi.

Raphael Lucky Nzau, the MCA spirant who had organized the registration exercise urged the National Government to bring a registrar of persons office in Matungulu so that residents could benefit and avoid wastage of time as well as delays.

“If you take a look at this crowd, hundreds are seeking these essential documents, and yet it’s just one place, it is a clear indication that the office of the registrar needs to be closer to the people,” he said.

Lucky further disclosed that he had talked to the officers in charge of the registration and promised that the documents would be ready by the end of January 2022.

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