Mbaluka: Kenya Kwanza will rule for 10 years

Health CAS James Mbaluka says the Kenya Kwanza government will rule for ten years.

Speaking at Sultan Hamud, Mukaa sub-county of Makueni county Mbaluka noted that the Kamba community should support the government of the day.

He urged them to desist from “petty politics’ that will amount to nothing in the end.

“I am telling you for sure that the Kenya Kwanza government will rule for ten years, take that to the bank but my question is, is it right for us, our community, and our kids to continue with baseless policies that will not benefit us at all?” Mbaluka posed.

“If we continue politicking we will forever stay far from the government and all this began 15 years ago thus the need to put aside ‘mwana witu’ notion and see how our people will be helped,” he added.

The former Kibwezi West MP aspirant said that the UDA faction from Ukambani will continue to tour the region to ensure the promises made by Ruto to Ukambani are fulfilled.

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza who was present in the event noted that Makueni people will no longer complain about wildlife invasion again.

She observed that 50m shillings were given out to fence the Tsavo National Park and ensure the animals don’t wander.

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