Panic grips locals as dead fish float in Masinga dam

Panic and confusion have gripped locals of Kakuku in Ekalakala, Masinga sub-county of Machakos county after spotting dead fish floating on Masinga dam.

The locals who spoke to the media called upon the Ministry of Health to intervene and probe what is causing the fish to die.

The locals are now confused as to whether they should continue fishing from the dam or using the water.

“When the fish is floating dead it means something is wrong and we are not sure what is the cause of the death. We would like to urge the Public Health officials to investigate and establish what is causing the fish to die and if we are at any risk,” one of the locals said.

“We have been seeing people selling fish from the dam and people are buying. We need to be told if everything is okay before the lives of the people living near the dam are put at risk,” he added.

The same problem is experienced by locals of Local of Ndunguni, Kiangeni, Mwanyani, and Makima in Mwea Embu county who depend on water from the dam.

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