Masinga MP aspirant trashes claims he has stepped down

A past photo of Masinga MP Aspirant Lawrence Maingi. (Photo -Courtesy)

Lawrence Maingi, Masinga MP aspirant has trashed claims that he has shelved his bid.

Maingi while speaking exclusively to Mauvoo news said that there are rumors being peddled by his opponents that he has stepped down from the race.

“I would like to tell Masinga people that I’m still in the race and they should rubbish the claims going round,” he said.

Maingi called upon the residents to come out in big numbers and vote for him during the Wiper nominations slated for the 19th of April. Maingi noted that even before he started campaigning he has been on the frontline to work for the people.

“I have your interests at heart on that day wake up early and vote for me,” the outspoken politician added.

He observed that the party primaries are very important since any candidate who loses may not be able to vie again until the next elections unless as an independent candidate.

“These primaries are crucial and will determine which leader will win in the August General elections. Be wise and choose a good leader,” Maingi added.

He expressed confidence in winning the primaries promising his competitors a bruising defeat. The Wiper party ticket is being sought by two other candidates, the incumbent Joshua Mwalyo and David Mutuku.

He also urged the Kamba community to rally behind Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and the Azimio coalition with the hope of forming the next government.

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