Panic in Kyangwithya East, Kitui Central as Middle-Aged Man Found Dead

The body of a middle-aged man was found dead on Tuesday Morning at the Kihara shopping center in Misewani sub-location, Kyangwithya East in Kitui Central.

Confirming the incident, James Katumo who is the Assistant Chief of Misewani said that he was called by the residents around 9 am and informed that there was a lifeless body of a man identified as ‘boy’ (the residents didn’t reveal his official name to the media) and rushed to the scene.

“The residents called me and told me that they found a man lying still in a corridor and I rushed to the place and found that the man is dead and then called the Kitui OCS to come and collect the body and investigate what might have led to the death of the young man,” the assistant chief said.

Katumo alleged that the young man might have died due to taking alcohol before eating or as a result of drinking an illicit brew. This however he said can only be confirmed after postmortem.

“I would like to warn our young men roaming around to avoid bad company and immoral behavior like taking alcohol because it is not good and will lead you to an early grave. You drink yet you have not eaten anything, there is hunger in our county and now you want to drink,” he added.

The man was reportedly seen on Monday drinking alcohol in the local pubs and then seen going to Kitui town while drunk only to be found on Tuesday dead.

The body was carried by police officers and taken to Kitui mortuary where the investigation will begin to find out what might have led to his death.

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