Auditor General queries Bursary allocation and shoddy works by contractors in Kathiani constituency

The Auditor-General has queried an unreconciled variance of 29 million in Kathiani constituency bursaries for the Financial Year ending 30th June 2020.

According to the report, bursary disbursement to secondary schools amounted to 515,186 and tertiary institutions to 429,900 both totalling 945,086. However, supporting records reflected bursary disbursements amount of 18,312,700 and 12,050,300 for secondary schools and tertiary institutions, respectively both totalling 30,363,000 resulting in an unexplained variance of 29,417,914.

Further, the awarded bursaries totalling 945,086 were less than 1 percent of the funds received from the NGCDF Board totalling 123,040,876 which is below the threshold of 25 percent set out in Section 21(5) of the NGCDF Regulations, 2016.

“The Management did not provide an approved criterion for selection and award of bursaries to the beneficiaries. In the circumstances, the accuracy, completeness and validity of bursary disbursements totalling 945,086 for the year ended 30 June 2020 could not be confirmed.” The report read in part.

The Audit report also highlights some projects with shoddy works despite the contractors having been paid in full. The Auditor did a Physical verification of 12 projects with a budget allocation totalling 20,800,000. The projects are listed in the 2 tables below;


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