Matungulu Residents Blame KPLC After Man Dies From Electrocution by hanging wires left by KPLC

A man has died after being electrocuted by power lines at Kwa Uku area, Koma in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos county.

Confirming the incident Nguluni location chief Serah Mutua said that the man who was a youth jumped on a lorry and unfortunately the power lines that were hanging caught him up.

“Today at around 10 am, I got a report that a boy had died and I rushed to the scene where I found it to be true. The boy had jumped on a lorry only to be caught by hanging power lines and electrocuted,” Chief Sarah said.

The chief warned young men to stop jumping to lorries carelessly to avoid such incidences in the future.

“I give out a stern warning to all the youths in my location. Stop jumping at lorries anyhow. If you want to board a lorry wait for it in the right place and ensure there are no hazards around,” she said.

Residents further blamed Kenya Power and Lighting Company for their negligence saying that the electricity posts had been tampered with by KPLC and left them hanging.

“We are saddened by the untimely death of our own but the blame is on KPLC because they are the ones who tampered with the posts leaving the wires hanging and they did not take care of them,” said one of the residents.

The body has been taken to Kangundo Level 4 hospital for preservation awaiting burial.

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