Kathonzweni: Locals decry hyena invasion

Locals of Kavilila, Ivinga, and Kathuni in Makueni County are decrying hyena invasions in their homes and farms.

They noted that they are counting losses as the hyenas strike at night while they are asleep.

The locals called upon the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to track down the group of hyenas feasting on their livestock almost every night.

“We are living in fear, we are under siege from these beasts attacking and killing our animals and Kenya Wildlife Service needs to act fast and lay traps to catch them, almost every morning we are met with carcasses of our livestock which we depend on,” said a local.

They said action needed to be taken faster before they are attacked by the scavengers.

“It is not one but a group that has turned the villages into a hunting zone. We are worried that if KWS delays taking action the hyenas may extend their attacks to locals.” They expressed their worries.

According to the locals, this is not the first time they are appealing to KWS over Human-Wildlife conflict as Hippopotamuses have been invading their farms and feeding on their crops.

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