Kasolo apologizes for going berserk, asks fans to pray for him and his ailing granny


After allegedly going berserk on fellow Gospel Singer Fortune Mwikali earlier in the week after Mwikali claimed Kasolo was gay and broke, the singer has apologized to his fans and sought their prayers.

Kasolo took to Facebook blaming short temperedness over the alleged insults and asking fans to pray for him so that he overcomes that.

“Praise God family. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to God, for the damage to the body of Christ that I have caused and also I apologize to all my fans and to all ladies. All that I said was due to hot tempers which has been my weakness since childhood; anytime I go through hard and very trying times, I explode. ” Kasolo’s post on Facebook read.

“I have been praying for the same and also urge people to pray with me and for my family, especially my grandmother who is very sick now after hearing of all what is going on. I’m the only hope to my family and God has helped me up this far. I urge all my fans not to allow any negative assumption to win your trust against my ministry. Let’s leave this battle to God and pray for one another for we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I’m deeply sorry for everything.” Kasolo added.

The singer also asked his fans to check out his New video released yesterday dubbed Wema Uko Wapi.

Kasolo hits Gospel Singer Fortune Mwikali below the belt after alleging he is gay

Controversial Gospel artist Stephen Kasolo is in the headlines again. This time for hitting fellow Gospel artist Fortune Mwikali whom they once did a collabo together in September 2020. This is after Fortune alleged Kasolo was gay in a video that has since gone viral.

Kasolo who is known for his hit song “Kitole” rubbished the claims saying that the lady was interested in him and that is why she spread the rumors of him being gay and a devil worshipper because he refused to have a relationship with her.

Kasolo who sounded bitter about the whole situation alleged that the said singer even practiced witchcraft and wanted to befriend his baby mama as a way of getting back at Kasolo.

“This woman has been on my case I have chats of her texting me calling me sweet names and have told her nothing can happen between us, that is why she is busy defaming me and calling me gay, she is been begging me and even went to prophet bahati and she was told to leave me alone am somebody’s husband, she is not even listening,” he said.

“She kept coming to my place to see my grandmother and bring KFC chicken for me, I am past that, I am not interested in your small gifts, I get advances from wealthy women but I refuse all of them, who are you,” Kasolo went on.

In her defense, Fortune Mwikali claimed that Kasolo was the one who had claimed to be interested in her and started to threaten her when she failed to have a sexual relationship with him. She went ahead to claim that Kasolo had faked to have coronavirus so that he would cohabit with another man in Embakasi.

“Me and Kasolo are great friends and I know him very well, he had faked he had coronavirus and he was cohabiting with a man, and when he knew I knew about it he threatened to kill me and I have videos of him doing bad things and there is nowhere i tried to beg to have a relationship with,” she said.

Senators shower Kavindu with praises for mature campaign as they welcomed her to the senate


The Machakos senatorial campaign was a heated one, Agnes Kavindu Muthama was Tuesday lauded by senators over how she carried herself during the campaigns. The senators spoke in a senate sitting after her swearing-in and here is what some had to say;

“We must say this, for the record, the men in Machakos who were competing with Muthama, changed the rules…created misbehavior, insults, used everything possible including family to besmirch the character of Agnes Kavindu because she’s a woman. It’s very sad. ” Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior said.

“But just like Jesus said when he was being crucified, this lady Sen Kavindu impressed me, she said, “forgive these people”. We are very proud of you Sen. Kavindu for your victory.” The vocal senator added.

“I participated in the campaigns for Sen. Muthama. What touched me most is that on the day Sen. Muthama presented her papers, the first post-presentation rally, she stood in front of a mammoth crowd and said this, “I know you people have a lot to say against my former husband, Sen. Muthama, remember he’s the father of my children and I don’t want to hear people bastardizing him.” It can’t be greater than that, it can’t be more humane than that. !” Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula said.

Senator Abshiro Halake also lauded the Wiper party for giving women a chance to fly the ticket in the Machakos senatorial by-election saying, ” This goes to show that when a woman is given a chance, she will deliver and she has delivered. I want to congratulate the Wiper Party and I want all political parties to take a cue from the party leadership to make sure that their flags are flown by women.”

Vihiga Senator George Khaniri lauded the Wiper party for having 2 women senators and 2 male senators praising Kavindu for maintaining respect despite the heated campaigns saying,” Kudos! You put up a very good fight. I was following your campaigns. As Sen. Orengo says, as others went low, you insisted that you remain high. You are in the right place. This is a house where we do very mature debates. “

Senate minority leader James Orengo welcomed Agnes Kavindu assuring her that the Senate was the right and correct house for her and she’s part of this distinguished family.

” I want to congratulate the Wiper party for having faith in women. Because they’ve shown that actually when you nominate women even in the most controversial elections, they can win… Finally, she’s coming to this House at a very critical time and you know the role she has played. She has been part and parcel of the review of the Constitution. I know that we have a voice to guide us through this great debate that we are going to have on the review of the Constitution. I wish you well.” Orengo said.

Isiolo Senator Fatumo Dullo said, ” And I’m sure you’ll be able to fit in the shoes of our former colleague, the late Senator Kabaka. And I’ve seen the confidence in you when you told Governor for Machakos that you’re going to carry out your oversight responsibility.”

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua lauded Kavindu as a God-fearing leader a leader of distinction expressing confidence that the people of Machakos will be well and ably represented in the Senate.

 Agnes Kavindu Muthama was Friday declared winner of the March 18th senatorial By-election by county returning officer Joyce Wamalwa. According to the results, Kavindu garnered 104, 352 votes representing 80 percent. Kavindu was followed by UDA’s Urbanus Muthama Ngengele who had 19, 726 votes.

During the campaigns, Moses Muthama, the son of Agnes Kavindu and ex-husband Johnson Muthama asked Machakos voters not to vote for Kavindu in the March 18th by-election alleging she left him when he was only 3 months and was brought up by his father. Kavindu in response said she had forgiven her children and that no one should insult her ex-husband Johnson Muthama.

Kalembe takes a swipe at Mutua over alleged misuse of county resources and being untruthful

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile has accused Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua of misuse of county resources and for not being true over the withdrawal of Maendeleo Chap Chap senatorial candidate Mutua Katuku 2 days to the by-election.

Kalembe pointed out that after Maendeleo Chap chap withdrew their candidate they mobilized all their agents and supporters telling them not to vote for wiper.

“Mutua carried his own analysis and found that he was going to be defeated and he knew very well that his candidate would be in the 3 rd position and that’s why he withdrew. Mutua telling us that it’s the president who told him to withdraw his candidate was a lie.” Kalembe said.

“I called Katuku and he told me that they were pushed by the president and Raila to withdraw. Why did they not support wiper if they were told to withdraw by the president?” He questioned.

The ex-legislator said that it’s not the first time for governor Mutua to lie, adding that he lied to the president who came to ground break the construction of the yet-to-be new Machakos City.

“Where are those showers that he promised the people of Machakos? He again said that he will replace grass-thatched houses with iron sheets. Where did he do that? He has been using total lies to convince Machakos people so as they vote for him.” Kalembe fired at Mutua.

“So far everyone is now aware that in Machakos there are no drugs. There is no one who can justify that he or she received free masks from the county. At Kangundo patients are forced to buy essentials for themselves even gloves.” He went on.

“Mutua must be accountable for using our money to campaign for his candidate. We can’t just seat and assume saying that because the by-elections are over, it’s now well.” He insisted.

Do not vote for my mother, she abandoned me at 3 months – Moses Muthama

Moses Muthama, the son of Agnes Kavindu and ex-husband Johnson Muthama has asked Machakos voters not to vote for Kavindu in the March 18th by-election alleging she left him when he was only 3 months and was brought up by his father.

According to Moses, they last talked with the mother in January and he does not know where she stays and if elected Machakos people do not know where to find her to give her their issues.

Moses who had accompanied the UDA team to a campaign rally at Katoloni on Saturday asked locals to vote Urbanus Muthama Ngengele and save them from Kalonzo who he says was using his mother to “discipline” Muthama.

“I was brought up by my father, my mother left me when I was just 3 months old. My father is the one we know as a politician in our family, my mother has brought total disunity. Let’s not vote for her so that I can take her back to preaching. They cannot both fit in the podium with my father.” Moses Muthama said.

Moses also condemned Kalonzo’s speech during Bishop Nguyo’s burial in Mitaboni last month where Kalonzo said he will return Kavindu to his ex-husband in 2022 but as a senator.

“They want to make my father feel bad and shame him the way they did at the funeral. Kalonzo gave the nomination certificate thinking my father was going to vie. They went to a funeral in Mitaboni and with more than 10,000 people attending and he said he took my mother and will return her in 2022. Is that right? Should he have spoken that way?” Moses went on.

In January while responding to a statement by her children, Kavindu said that she had forgiven them and loved them unconditionally, insisting that her ex-husband Johnson Muthama be given the utmost respect.

UDA Senatorial aspirant Urbanus Ngengele in the meeting revealed that he was the right candidate for the Senatorial position and all those saying that he doesn’t qualify will be shocked to see him as the next Machakos senator

“I as Ngengele know what is required to be a senator, I have all those qualifications. Don’t be fed up with total lies about me, let’s vote in the right senator, who is me.” The UDA aspirant pleaded with the locals.

Machakos town MP victor Munyaka requested everyone to practice peaceful campaigns, adding that Katuku if elected will not be able to oversight Governor Mutua who is his party leader.

I am in good terms with Muthama – Kalonzo now says

Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has denied claims that he is not in good terms with former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama Nduya after he left the Wiper party.

Speaking at the burial of Dr. James Nganda Mwanzia in Matungulu Subcounty of Machakos County, Musyoka said that he and Muthama talked to each other and they do not have anything against each other.

“Former Machakos County Women representative Susan spoke here as if there is a disagreement between us. I want to tell you that I called Muthama on the phone, I’m a peaceful person so if Susan you have your reasons for supporting Katuku that’s yours but don’t use Kalonzo and Muthama as an excuse because we have no problem,” Kalonzo said.

Kalonzo made the remarks after Dr. Susan Musyoka stated that she chose to support Maendeleo Chap Chap Senatorial Candidate John Mutua Katuku for the senatorial race because of supremacy battles witnessed between the Wiper party leader and the Former Senator.

“At this time we don’t have a senator our party leader and former senator Muthama fell out and they came with their candidate for the senatorial race which now looks like a battle. On seeing this, I too chose to support Mutua Katuku,” said Susan.

Other leaders who had accompanied the Wiper Party Leader were Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule, Mavoko MP Patrick Makau as well as former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Johnson Muthama last month nearly exchanged blows at Bishop Nguyo’s burial in Mitaboni after Kalonzo said that he will return his ex-wife Agnes Kavindu to him but as a senator.

Ngengele paid 2.5m to be ranked top in scientific poll and I can’t support a corrupt senator – Kiala

Ex-Machakos Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala who was a UDA senatorial aspirant has alleged that Urbanus Muthama Ngengele paid 2.5 million to be declared the winner of the scientific opinion poll conducted by the party to determine who will be the flagbearer.

According to Kiala, for a senator to perform his duties of oversight, legislation, resource allocation, and impeachment they must be blameless. Not a person who is associated with corruption.

“UDA members expected nominations to be transparent. They were told a scientific opinion poll would be conducted…I stand to confirm before you that UDA candidate was a manipulation of the computer – Kifaranga kya Kompyuta.” Kiala the UDA campaign manager said.

“In his own words, he confessed to me that he had to pay a bribe of 2.5 million. On the principle of integrity, we withdraw our support from UDA candidate and direct support to Agnes Kavindu so that it is a lesson to UDA, its chairman, party leader and those with that behaviour.” Kiala added.

Kiala highlighted that the issue of pollution in Mavoko sub-county and cleaning AthiRiver must be a priority of the senator. Other senatorial aspirants from UDA who backed the Wiper candidate included Magdalene Ndawa and Rita Ndunge.

Machakos senatorial aspirant through wiper party, Agnes Kavindu said that she was glad to all those who endorsed her saying that the president never made a mistake to grant her permission to run for the senatorial seat.

Kavindu went on and requested those talking ill on her son to stop and pray for him instead. “Let us forgive Muthama. Those cursing my son, let them bless him instead, I can’t curse the fruit of my womb.”Kavindu said.

Stephen Muthuka ex- UDA official said that the campaign strategy should change from insults to peaceful campaigns “When children go astray there is always a room of forgiveness, now we are back. I add to confirm that our Machakos senator is Agnes Kavindu.”

Lazarus Muli Director of Music Society of Kenya who was in attendance too accompanied by some musicians said that all should unite as one and support Agnes Kavindu.

“We were much ignored in UDA and now we have good reasons for directing our followers on where they will vote come 18th march.” He said.

In January, a section of aspirants allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) cried foul over the opinion poll conducted to determine the most popular amongst them. They raised concerns on why Mwala MP bragged on the outcome before the poll results were announced among other issues.

Kitise/Kithuki by-election a trap for me, don’t bite my hand – Kalonzo

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka now says the Kitise/Kithuki and Machakos By-elections are big traps for him. Kalonzo was speaking in Kitise/Kithuki ward during a series of rallies to campaign for the Wiper candidate Sebastian Muli.

“There is a trap here. Kenyans are waiting to hear Wiper has lost in Machakos and Kitise/Kithuki. If we fail to get the seats would be like biting my hands.” Kalonzo.

“How many of us want me to become president next year? Vote for Sebastian so that when I seat at the table with Uhuru, Raila and Mudavadi they can say no one can touch me in my backyard. ” The wiper party leader pleaded.

Kalonzo took a swipe at Kivutha Kibwana for backing a Muungano candidate yet he was in Wiper asking him not to misuse county employees in campaigns.

“Let him not use county employees because he will be messing their profile. Governor Kibwana is serving his second term and if he starts fighting with me he will go to Political oblivion.” He warned.

Mutula Kilonzo Junior who was among leaders that had accompanied Kalonzo asked locals if bribed to take the money but vote for the Wiper candidate Sebastian Muli.

A near clash was witnessed when the Kalonzo led team nearly clashed with Kibwana’s over a venue. Police were forced to intervene with the Governor crying foul over the misuse of police in the campaigns.

Makueni county employees campaigning for Muungano Candidate in Kitise/Kithuki cautioned


A section of Makueni Wiper MCAs Urbanus Wambua and Elizabeth Mutindi Kiio have cautioned Makueni county employees who are being involved in the campaigns of the Muungano candidate in the Kitise/Kithuki ward by-election Joseph Mutisya.

Speaking during a campaign rallies for the Wiper candidate Sebastian Muli in Kitise and Mathiani, the MCAs said it’s contrary to the law for county employees to take partisan positions.

“What is bothering me is one thing, some people from the county are coming to give money here. Government employees should not be dishing out money and causing confusion. If they want to use their positions to undress Kalonzo as a community we will not accept.” Urbanus Wambua said.

“Before this voting ends we will have a case of the county resources being misappropriated. Those people should stay in their offices and I wonder who has been left in the offices. Should CECMs and COs be campaigning?” MCA Mutindi asked.

“That money they are dishing out where has it come from? Did they bring it before? We will ask questions once this election is over.” She added.

Sarah Mulwa also took a swipe at Governor Kibwana for going against the political Parties act in the Kitise/Kithuki by-election and campaigning for a candidate who is not from his party Wiper.

“Governor Kivutha is elected in Wiper and was supported by Kalonzo. I ask him to support Sebastian Muli of Wiper. If he doesn’t do that we will know he has betrayed the community.” She said.

The Kitise/Kithuki By-election is scheduled for next week 4th March 2020. The seat fell vacant after MCA Kelvin Mutuku resigned and became the clerk of Makueni County Assembly.

Nationwide training to restore sanity in the Boda Boda sector launched

A training to restore sanity in the Boda Boda sector was yesterday launched at Machakos people’s park in a function attended by Prof. Margaret Kobia, CS Public Service and Gender and Director-General, NYS Matilda Sakwa, Governor Mutua among other stakeholders.

The training which will be offered by the NTSA and the NYS is targeting over 1.5 million Boda Boda riders across the entire country.

Speaking during the launch of the training at Machakos people’s park on Monday morning, Mutua promised to pay the training fee for all Boda Boda riders with a license who will participate in the exercise and subsidize training fee for those without licenses. This will make it cheaper and affordable for the riders.

The training fee for those with driving licenses is set at 750 for 5 days and those without licenses 4500 for 21 days. Learning hours being set at 3hrs per day.

Mutua thanked NYS Director General Maltilda Sakwa for the great work she has been doing adding that Boda Boda riders will benefit from the training asking them to take it positively.

CS, Public Service Margaret Kobia stated that it’s from the training that Boda Boda riders will acquire good driving skills and road discipline and too, insisting that it will also reduce the high rate of road accidents.

The training is crucial as the country recorded over 1,575 Boda Boda-related deaths in 2020 according to the NTSA and the industry employs close to 2 million Kenyans directly with millions of other indirect beneficiaries.

Boda Boda riders who spoke to Mauvoo News after the meeting revealed their joy saying that they will take the training seriously since it will benefit them.

The program will be piloted in Kiambu, Kajiado, and Machakos Counties.