Mule: I have never stepped in Statehouse but my people get development

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has castigated leaders from the Azimio coalition who are flocking Statehouse to see President William Ruto.

Mule said that it is a false narrative that leaders have to pledge loyalty to the Government of the day for them to get development.

He noted that for the ten years he has served as a lawmaker he has never set foot in Statehouse but he still works for his people as required.

The lawmaker noted that the leaders going to Statehouse are driven by their selfish interests and not those of their people.

“For those going to see Ruto don’t think we are stupid, we know what is taking you there don’t lie to us that you are looking for development because that is a total lie,” said Mule.

“I have been an MP for ten years and there is no single say I stepped into Statehouse and my people are enjoying development without any complaints. I have constructed schools, and roads and given out bursaries or I’m I lying?” he added.

Mule spoke while launching bursary issuance to schools in the constituency disclosing that he has set aside 45 million for bursaries.

The legislator called upon the Deputy County Commissioner and her subordinates to ensure drug peddlers selling drugs to students are prosecuted.

He also urged school principals to ensure good results considering Education was well supported in the constituency.

“Selling of drugs to school-going children should not be tolerated at all and I would love to urge school leaders to work on improving the performance every year,” Mule went on.

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