Matungulu MP takes on Nzioka Waita for failing to bring projects to Ukambani as PDU head

Matungulu MP Stephen mutinda mule addressing mourners at a Funeral in Matungulu (Photo credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has called out Former Statehouse chief of staff and head of Presidential Delivery Unit Nzioka Waita saying that he never helped the people of Machakos in any way.

Speaking at a funeral in Mukalwa village – Matungulu which was also attended by Nzioka, Mule said that for over 5 years that he was in the position, he never called any Ukambani MP to discuss development matters concerning the region.

“When you were in office you called no MP in Ukambani. No project in the region was engineered by you (Waita) when you were in office,” MP Mule said.

“I have been an MP for 10 years and all through there is no day you called us as parliamentarians from Ukambani to come and discuss matters development concerning the region,” He added.

MP Mule also called on DP William Ruto and his team to stop politicizing the fuel shortage in the country saying that when he moved a motion to lower the fuel prices leaders allied to the Deputy President were eager to shoot down the motion.

He added that as the country was facing a fuel shortage it was unwise of the Deputy president to start blaming the government rather he should be finding ways to help Kenyans but not politicking.

“I was the one who brought a motion to lower fuel prices in Parliament to ensure that Kenyans will not suffer because of fuel but those leaders close to the DP were the first ones to reject the motion,” MP Mule went on.

“Now you are here telling us that money has been squandered, you want to pretend you are angels. DP Ruto, stop politicizing fuel shortage,” he added.


At the funeral, Mavoko MP Patrick Makau was shouted down by locals and forced to cut short his speech after attacking Nzioka Waita.

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