Mavoko MP Makau Shouted down at a funeral in Matungulu after attacking Nzioka Waita

A past photo of Mavoko MP Patrick Makau. (Photo -Courtesy)

Mavoko MP and Machakos County Gubernatorial Aspirant Patrick Makau found it hard to address mourners at a funeral in Matungulu Subcounty after being heckled by residents.

The vocal politician who had attended a burial service at Mukalwa did not sit well with residents when he took on the stage to address former Chief of staff Nzioka Waita and his running mate Speaker Florence Mwangangi and how they had failed to deliver.

“In parliament, they say if you are adversely mentioned you have to reply. He(Nzioka) says I insult him. Nzioka I have never insulted you. I asked people if Somebody who does not know Kikamba can understand the problems of the people, The Swahili say – Mwacha Mila ni Mtuma,” Makau said as some of the mourners began jeering him.

“Listen to me, when I say he doesn’t know Kikamba is that insults? If he was chief of staff of the president, What did he bring when he was in the statehouse. You will never hear me insult anyone. The politics of Machakos is about Track record and not who you are. When the time comes vote for me. You can shout… ” Makau told locals as the heckling forced him to cut short his speech.

Nzioka Waita speaking before Makau accused him of using insults and asked locals to choose between a leader who will bring development and a Kamba teacher. Other leaders at the funeral included Senator Kavindu, Matungulu MP Stephen Mule, Women Rep Kamene Kasimbi, Speaker Florence Mwangangi among others.

Makau earlier dismissed Nzioka Waita as a coward ridiculing him for not knowing the Kamba language. Missed the story? Check it out Below;

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