Lobby For Projects And Stop Blaming Others, Matungulu MP Told after Attacking Nzioka Waita

Matungulu MP Aspirant Peter Kilonzo Mutiso has come out guns blazing at Matungulu MP Stephen Mule for attacking Machakos Gubernatorial Aspirant and Former State House chief of staff Nzioka Waita.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, the Aspirant said that Mule had no right to attack Waita for failing to Engineer projects in the Region.

Mutiso noted that MP Mule had not written any proposals for development to the Former Chief of Staff saying that he too had written several proposals to the Presidential Delivery Unit and none of them were completed despite Waita heading the Unit.

“Mule, should be telling us, I wrote several proposals to PDU and they did not complete a single one despite Nzioka heading it. Complaining that Nzioka never brought any projects to Matungulu when he didn’t do a single proposal is taking jokes too far. Did Mule ever lobby for a single project? Did he write a single proposal?” Mutiso asked.

The vocal politician promised to be lobbying for projects in all places when elected as MP for the Matungulu constituency come August as a way of ensuring that every Matungulu resident gets development.

“When you elect me as your next MP Matungulu Constituency, I will not come back to complain about non-existent projects, instead, I will lobby for resources and different projects that benefit my people. I will write proposals geared towards putting Matungulu as a center of reference,” said Mutiso.

This comes a day after Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule faulted former Chief of Staff Waita Nzioka for wanting to vie for the Governorship in Machakos county when he had not lobbied anything for Machakos while he was the head of PDU.

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