Jitters after Justina Syokau releases Kikuyu song

Kamba Gospel singer Justina Syokau is at it again with a new Kikuyu song. The song ‘Ti Uhoro’ loosely translated as ‘It’s well ‘ was released on 27th February.

Justina said noted that the song is dedicated to those going through hard times, hardship, dry seasons, and pain.

“I dedicate this song to myself and those going through battles, discouragement, difficult season, pain worry, doubt, family crises, lack, and trolls. Though the sorrow may last for a night the joy of the lord comes in the morning. I invite you to surrender with me all battles to the lord,” she said.

The song begins with consolation to those with pain in their heart because of what is happening in their lives. She encourages them that they should know God sees everything and that it’s well with them.

“The pain in your heart it’s only God who can understand, he fights your battles, those who are waiting for your downfall, you won’t succumb because you are God’s seed,” the song starts (translated).

“It is well when they back bite you, it is well when they insult you the favor of the lord is on you, you are blessed and cannot be cursed,” the song goes on.

The song has been welcomed by many of her fans more so those from the mountain who were wowed by her command of the Kikuyu language.

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Here are some reactions to the song;

Monie N said,”Waimba Kikuyu kabisa wow, wakikuyu hello this amazing skills having that grace ya kuimba kikamba.”

Linet Humble said,” wow nashindwa kuamini umeimba kikuyu vizuri hivo, God bless you.”

Ann Muriu said, “I have never taken you seriously but hii umeweza God bless you.”

Baas sasa ndio umeanza kuimba ukiimba zingine mbili kama hizi tutasahau mabaya yote umetenda sisi kama team strong, Kinyira o hau,” Valentine Ndirangu said.

Stephen Keya said, “Good job but saa zingine huwa unateleza sana may God forgive you please fuata njia moja kama ni mungu iwe ya mungu wacha kuchanganya.

Kikuyu musician Karangu Muraya also appreciated the song saying,” Ti uhoro…. am super excited, I didn’t know it can be put in a song…Congratulations Justina Syokau 2020 what a beautiful song,”

The video;

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