Justina Syokau bashed after releasing 2023 song

Controversial gospel singer Justina Syokau is at it again. Syokau known for her songs ‘Twendi Twendi’, ‘Twendi Twendi one’, and ‘Twendi Twendi two’ has released a 2023 song dubbed ‘Twendi Twendi Thilii’.

Justina announced the release of the new song on Facebook attracting mixed reactions from her followers.

The song speaks of greatness and expansion in the year 2023.

Twendi Twendi thilii ni mwaka wa mavuno, twendi twendi thilii ni mwaka wa kupanuliwa ,twendi twendi thilii I am taking over, twendi twendi thilii ni mwaka wa mapato,”Part of the song goes.

However, the song didn’t augur well with some of her fans who thought she was ‘bewitching’ the year.

Here are some of the reactions;

“Ungewacha 2023 tu you are a bad omen, “Catherine Reigns said.

Patoh Bazu said,”Shindwe Saii tumekemea mkosi zote kwa jina la Yesu ni Mwaka wa baraka in Jesus name.”

“Na wewe Kuna nyimbo zingine apart from za new years (Miaka),” asked Mercy Jepkosgei.

Glenn Wanga said, “Wooooooiii wooooooiii wooooooiii wooooooiii wooooooiii wooooooiii wooooooiii someone hold this song tuvuke kwanza.”

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Real Jossy said, “Huyu hananga idea ya any other song ni one year after the other nkt.”

Benjamin Em added, “Na uko na upuzi…! Hakuna mtu wa familia umwimbie wimbo wa kumsifia, kuliko kuturogea mwaka..”

The video;

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