Justina Syokau Kicked out of Musyi Studios for Coming Late

Justina Syokau at Musyi FM studios. (Photo courtesy)

Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau who also released another song Twendi Twendi two (2022) has found herself at longer heads with Musyi FM presenter Jackline Kalenga of Aikii Show.

This comes after Kalenga invited her for an interview from 3 pm to 4 pm but she turned up after the 4 pm news bulletin.

Kalenga had earlier warned that when Justina comes late for the show she will only allow her to greet people and order her to walk out of the studio. True to her words, when Justina was welcomed to the studio, Kalenga requested her to greet listeners and walk out of the studio.

Justina admitted that she came late saying, “Keeping time is good but I don’t know what happened because I can’t explain.”

Kalenga in response said, “Thanks Justina for coming here, we had a lot to discuss but because you came late we can’t although the listeners were waiting for you and had a lot to tell you.”

She also told her (Justina) that listeners had requested to be told that she should be a woman of dignity and check on the choice of words to use in the public and lamented on how she keeps on singing about years.

Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo lauded Kalenga for chasing Justina out of the studio.”You sang a song saying ‘hupangwingwi’ but your fellow woman ‘amekupanga’ and I wish to thank her for what she did because at the media there are rules and time should be followed due to the strict programs.”

Kasolo also warned her to make sure next time she attends an interview on time, “It has never happened again but I wish to caution Madam 2022 to keep time when allowed an interview and stop thinking it was the usual birthdays she usually attends late.”

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  1. This lady should b a role model,unfortunately for luck of better word,she is a disgrace..2023 is coming..n a bezz too.

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