Emotional Justina Syokau walks out of interview in Tears

Gospel Artist Justina Syokau on Monday walked out of an interview in tears.

Justina was talking about how people have been trolling her on social media every day and couldn’t hold herself together.

The singer noted that whenever she sings songs about a year, she gets backlash from Kenyans who think she is to blame for their problems.

“I sang Twendi Twendi and people trolled me and even went ahead to blame me for Corona which began in China. The song 2021 those who welcomed it blessed but still, others gave me all types of abuses,” Justina in an interview said.

She noted that after the trolling, she became so discouraged to ‘prophesy’ about 2022 but went ahead and released the song ‘Twendi twendi two’.

Justina says the song was a motivation to many more so leaders who were seeking elective posts.

“There is a Governor and MP who called me and told me that they have won because the song spoke to them. Believe me, some did not want me to sing,” said the songbird.

“Now I have sung 2023 and it’s trending at number seven on youtube and instead of people looking at the positive side they are busy castigating me. My songs are prophesies but I won’t sing about years again because I know for sure a prophet is not loved in his hometown. Why don’t you love me?” she asked in tears.

Unable to continue with the interview she walked away leaving the journalists astonished.

Justina’s latest song dubbed “Twendi Twendi Thirii” drew a lot of backlash and criticism to the singer. Missed the story? check it out below;

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