Masekete – I love Stephen Kasolo

Self-proclaimed chairman of Gospel artists in Ukambani, Jackson Mutinda ‘Masekete’ revealed that he loves his fellow Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo.

During an online interview, Masekete said he loves Kasolo for his selflessness and desire to do good. Masekete revealed that Kasolo might not be aware that he loves him since most of the time they are constantly bashing each other online.

“I love Stephen Kasolo but he might not be aware let me quote him because he is the only one who can understand me. I heard him saying that he doesn’t know me when he was asked why he did not invite me to his wedding. I love him and my wife knows that I love him,” Masekete revealed.

The ‘Masekete’ hitmaker commended Kasolo for dedicating to taking care of his late grandmother Mukwenze to the point of selling his car to treat her when she was unwell.

“Kasolo took one of his cars and sold it to treat his ailing late grandmother although he had a chance to tell her that she is old and no need to waste his money for treatment. He had spent so much money treating her, he also paid for heart treatment. We saw that on social media but he saw that his grandmother needed more treatment,” Masekete said.

He added that Kasolo could have abandoned the ailing grandmother or given up since he was not the only grandson in their family but he sacrificed his car to cater for hospital expenses so that he could see his grandmother smile.

Taking on the issue of Justina Syokau who appealed to well-wishers to help him raise the medical expenses of his sick son, Masekete said that Justina once showed that she was gifted a car worth 16 Million and questioned why she didn’t sell the car to cater for the sons’ expenses.

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