Bishop Kavwele chilling claims against Ex-Wife Agnes Vai Delay

Musyi FM Presenter Samuel Mutuku popularly known as Bishop Kavwele Junior is back again with some chilling claims of what happened between him and his ex-wife Agnes Vai Delay.

In a Tiktok video, Kavwele explained what transpired that prompted his ex-wife to go public with some allegations about him.

Kavwele claimed that his ex-wife used to pick up quarrels with his mother and one day she went to her maternal home and sold cattle together with her aunt. Upon being questioned by her mother about them she allegedly beat up her mother, father, and three sisters.

“I got calls from neighbors back home of what was happening. She (Agnes) told me that she wanted to go home to visit her parents only for me to realize that she went with her aunt and sold two cows belonging to her mother and upon being questioned she beat up her mother, father, and three sisters, “Kavwele alleged.

“That’s what she did and came out in public to defend herself because before she came out in public she insulted my mother. So let’s assume my mother is bad, does this mean that her mother, father, and sisters are also bad,” wondered Kavwele.

The vocal presenter went ahead to claim that his ex-wife Agnes Vai Delay came to his house and carried everything leaving the house empty and went ahead to relieve herself in the sitting room.

“I left her in the house after I saw how she was violent and went to stay somewhere else. When I came I found that she had carried everything from curtains, matchbox, seat cushions, and salt. After doing all that she excreted in the sitting room, I just slept only to wake up and find links of her speaking in public something which I was aware of because she told me she will speak,” Kavwele went on.

Agnes Vai Delay during an interview went public and revealed what made her and Bishop Kavwele end their marriage where she accused the presenter of cheating and even sleeping with her mother.

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