TV station cancels interview with Kavwele’s Ex-Wife Agnes Vai Delay

On Wednesday night, a popular Kamba Television station was forced to cancel a scheduled interview with gospel artist and Bishop Kavwele’s Ex-Wife Agnes Vai Delay.

Through a notice shared on the station’s social media page, the management cited that it had resolved to cancel the interview after receiving some information, which it cites to be sensitive.

“Cancelled due to sensitive information reaching our editorial management. The management of Kamba TV has resolved to cancel the attached interview. We are following up on the same”, read the notice.

The interview which was set to start at 10. Pm in the Setuka Ladies Night Show was canceled abruptly, barely an hour to the time.

Agnes, in an interview with gospel artist Stephen Kasolo, accused her ex-husband Samuel of having six wives and having a love affair with his mother – remarks which Mauvoo News could not independently verify.

The host Ututi wa Kyuma during last night’s show apologized to their viewers, urging that the station must have the other side of the story before airing the interview with Agnes.

However, Stephen Kasolo went ahead to claim that there were reasons behind the cancellation. In response, the television station reiterated that the interview was canceled to avoid breaching some media rules, and there was no information being hidden from the public.

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