Mulyungi responds to assault allegations from Mwingi Businesswoman

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi has denied claims of assaulting a Mwingi business lady earlier this week.

In a letter seen by Mauvoo News, addressed to the media, the MP refuted claims that he assaulted Rhoda Musyoka commonly known as ‘Kazuri’, and also touched her inappropriately.

“It has come to my attention of Media reports regarding an alleged harassment of a woman in Mwingi town which adversely mentions my name. The reports are not only frivolous, vindictive, and prejudicial, but deliberately manufactured to assassinate my character,” the letter read.

Mulyungi denied the allegations hinting that he will sue Rhoda Musyoka since she has been organizing gangs to attack him for political reasons. “Two of her gang members were arrested and arraigned at Mwingi Law courts on Wednesday and charged for organizing goons armed with bows and arrows to attack me as their member of parliament. Already, Rhoda has paid their bond of Ksh. 200,000, a clear indication of her involvement in planning criminal activities, and the pre-trial of the case will be on 7th August 2023,” the letter from the Mwingi Central MP further read.

The legislator further stated that he is a law-abiding citizen and a respected leader thus the allegations want to divert the attention of the case in court and paid him as a bad leader in the society.

Rhoda had earlier claimed that she was assaulted by the Legilstator while at her ‘Kazuri Hotel’ in Mwingi town and reported the incident to Mwingi Police Station for further action by the police.

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