Meet Lydia Mutambu, the Woman trying to unseat Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi

Lydia Mutambu caught many unaware after declaring her bid for the Mwingi central Parliamentary seat. Lydia seeks to unseat Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi popularly known as ‘Tsunami’.

Lydia is the wife of the former Mwingi Central MP and businessman Joe Mutambu. Joe Mutambu had declared that he will defend his seat but endorsing his wife caught many by a surprise especially Mulyungi’s camp with the race now narrowing down into a gender battle.

‘kelitu’ as Mwingi electorate currently refers to her, however, can’t speak fluent Kamba dialect but analysts say she has won the hearts of some of the locals and pulled an expected wave in the area.

She revealed that discrimination and lack of respect for Mwingi voters forced her to vie for the Mwingi Central MP seat and she believes that she is the solution.

“I have heard the call of the people of Mwingi, they came to me and told me that they want me to contest for the seat when I heard their cry. I truly saw the need to come and rescue them and they will support me to get the seat,” Lydia stated.

She further alleged that the current MP has been discriminating against the people of Mwingi Central during the issuance of bursaries by not giving bursaries to people who supported the former MP Joe Mutambu.

“If you’ve been supporting Joe, he tells you to go and look for Joe for you to get help and that’s why I have seen that is not good because when you’re elected you serve all the people. Some people lamented that they are given a bursary of 2,000 which is not even enough and you’re given conditions that look like threats and that’s why I want to get this seat to reclaim Mwingi Central and serve the people of the constituency without discrimination,” she claimed.

Lydia said that if the people of Mwingi Central elect her as their next MP she will ensure that the cry they have been having for the last five years will be over and she will serve them without discrimination.

She added that she will unite all the people of Mwingi without looking at who voted for her or not and with that she will transform the constituency that she claims has been lagging behind.

Lydia revealed that even though she will vie using the Jubilee Party ticket, she respects Kalonzo as the Ukambani kingpin as there are few leadership qualities one can learn from him.

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