Mwingi woman accuses MP Mulyungi of assault and touching her inappropriately

Rhoda Musyoka a businesswoman from Mwingi in Kitui county wants the police to take action on Mwingi central MP Gideon Mulyungi after the legislator allegedly assaulted him.

The woman identified as Rhoda Musyoka says the legislator assaulted her at her business and touched her inappropriately.

She also claimed that the lawmaker broke her spectacles worth Ksh. 100,000.

The businesswoman narrated that the politician barged into her hotel and assaulted her questioning why she was harboring people who have been castigating him.

The lady reported the incident at the Mwingi police station.

“He said that my customers were discussing him and the question is should I ask my customers to leave because they have a discussion about a certain issue?”Rhoda asked.

“I’m now even afraid for my life he has been beating men now it has come to women, i fear he may kill me you know he has a gun,” she added.

On Tuesday evening police were forced to lob teargas to disperse demonstrating crowd that had clashed with supporters of the MP.

Locals protesting the action also took to Twitter and the hashtag ArrestMwingiMPMulyungi was among the top trending.

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