Bishop Kavwele responds to ex-Wife’s accusations

Kithembeo Presenter Samuel Mutuku alias Bishop Kavwele Junior has responded to
accusations by his ex-wife Agnes vai Delay.

Taking to his TikTok account, Kavwele said that he was called by God to the ministry and the devil would use anyone to ensure that they taint his ministry.

The popular Kamba presenter said that he was not going to respond to hearsay that is meant to tarnish his name. He noted that he was busy with Kivoyo preparations ahead of Sunday’s meeting in Mombasa.

“I cannot postpone Kivoyo because there are allegations on social media. I knew before Sunday that there will be fire because of people being used by the Devil. Not unless Jesus comes, Nothing will stop the prayer meeting in Likoni. I am an adult, I don’t deal with hearsay if you want to know anything from me, come to my home and I will give you the details, do not wait for Kavwele to answer that. I come from Mbumbuni you can board Kathi or a motorbike and come there,” said Kavwele.

He added that no sane man would play with his mother or a woman play with her father unless they were mad noting there are a lot of women who are ready to be dated.

” Take an example of your mother or father of 70 years and start playing with her don’t you think that is insane, are you a he-goat that doesn’t differentiate its kid and mother? Nthaukaa na Aka me Free ta Gear na me Ready to drink. Jesus himself was a victim of criticism and he went silent when tasked to answer. When you are criticized it means someone has noticed you and whatever you are doing is visible.” Kavwele added.

Kavwere’s ex-wife Agnes Vai Delay during an interview with Stephen Kasolo accused Kavwele of having 6 wives and sleeping with the mother. Missed the story? Check it out below;

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